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Diventare Blogger: La Guida Per Aprire un Blog (e guadagnare!) 2022

How to become a blogger - how to create a successful blog - how to earn money with a blog - start a blog without experience
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    Would you like become a blogger and make money from your passions?

    Great! In this 9997-word guide you'll find everything you need to know about creating a professional website, lots of tips and methods for earning money with a blog.

    So benissimo che blogging può essere un pensiero terrorizzante, soprattutto quando si ha poca o nulla esperienza in informatica. 

    But guess what? 

    Non sei l’unico. Ci sono passato anche io, come tantissimi altri!

    Having created a vast number of blogs for companies, digital entrepreneurs and individuals, I have accumulated a lot of experience and especially techniques to make the process of developing a website as easy as possible. 

    This process I'm going to share with you is super easy to follow whether you're 15 or 80!

    But before we begin, I must ask you a very important question.

    Are you looking for a quick and easy way to earn money online?

    Yeah? Then I'm sorry, but this article is not for you!

    I highly recommend you close this page and save yourself the 40 minutes of reading.

    Still here?


    In short, These are the topics we will cover in this article:

    1. Who is and what does a blogger do
    2. 6 reasons to start a blog today, not tomorrow!
    3. What are the ingredients of a successful blog
    4. How to find the niche for a blog
    5. What to do to earn money with a blog (and also what not to do)
    6. 10 good reasons to choose WordPress to create a blog
    7. How to buy hosting and domain
    8. How to install WordPress on hosting
    9. How to install the SSL certificate
    10. How to install the best free theme
    11. How to install a professional website template with 2 clicks
    12. How to easily modify the template with elementor
    13. How to buy a professional logo for £10
    14. Come scrivere contenuti SEO ottimizzati per i motori di ricerca
    15. Come aumentare il traffico del blog utilizzando SEMrush
    16. And much more.

    Do you REALLY want to become a blogger and start earning money online?

    Well, then start by making yourself a nice cup of coffee and getting into a comfortable position, because this is the guide for you.


    Let's start...

    Web copywriting- come scrivere per il web contenuti di qualità - come scrivere contenuti per un blog online - Headline copywriting - come scrivere titoli accattivanti - consigli per scrivere headline efficaci per articoli di blog - Storytelling

    Becoming a blogger is a great idea if you want to advertise your business, share your passions or earn money on the web.

    Today, compared to many years ago you don't have to have a lot of technical skills to be able to create a successful blog, as the available platforms also offer ready-to-install solutions, so even if you've never dealt with the world of blogging you can start to delve into the topic and start your own blog in 3 simple steps.

    1. Buy hosting and domain.
    2. Install WordPress.
    3. Give me 40 minutes of MAXIMUM attention (no distractions).

    However, if you want earn money with a blog, share your ideas with a very specific niche of people or grow your business by advertising it through the blog, you must know that to be successful you need to develop the right knowledge, be consistent and constantly updated.

    Whether you decide to become a blogger on an amateur or professional level, to develop certain skills it is necessary. But the effort you put in can give you great satisfaction and in this guide, you'll find all the information you need to be able to create your blog today.

    If you want to go directly to the practical section of creating the blog click here.

    If, on the other hand, you want to find out the basics before you start (recommended) I invite you to read on.


    I would like to point out that some of the links in this article are affiliate links. This means that if you click on them, and then make a purchase, I will receive a commission, at no additional cost to you.
    So, feel free to take a look, as I only recommend products or services that I have personally tested, use and highly recommend. 

    Who is and what does a blogger do?

    How to become a blogger - how to create a successful blog - how to earn money with a blog

    Il blogger è la persona che realizza contenuti su un argomento (oppure più argomenti) che conosce e che condivide con gli utenti. Oltre alla scrittura dei testi, generalmente il blogger si occupa anche dell’impaginazione dei contenuti, dell’organizzazione del piano editoriale, interagisce con gli utenti, cura il design e la parte SEO del blog, ecc.

    Differences between an amateur and a professional blogger

    We can distinguish between two categories of bloggers: amateurs and professionals.

    Amateur bloggers generally have the following characteristics:

    • They love to write and share their passions with others.
    • They often tend to rely on free platforms for blogging.
    • They don't have any special graphic requirements.
    • They usually don't have great technical skills.
    • Blogging is not their main activity.
    • Most amateur bloggers are not interested in making money.
    • They dedicate a limited amount of time to the blog.

    Professional bloggers, on the other hand, despite having some characteristics in common with amateur bloggers such as a passion for writing and the desire to share their passions with readers, also have many differences:

    • In addition to operating at their own blogs they often manage others' blogs as well.
    • When they write for others they usually charge for it.
    • They are equipped with technical skills necessary to do the job of a blogger professionally.
    • Spesso svolgono l’attività di blogging a tempo pieno e non la ritengono una cosa da fare “nel tempo libero”.
    • They publish content consistently.
    • They usually monetize the blog and make it a primary or additional source of income.
    • Si aggiornano costantemente per poter migliorare le funzioni del blog ed offrire agli utenti informazioni utili ed un’esperienza di navigazione piacevole.
    • They have high communication skills, especially in writing.
    • They write correctly in Italian, both syntactically and grammatically.
    • Curano il lato SEO del blog.
    • They are ready to change strategies over time and are willing to experiment.
    • They usually also take care of social channels and often collaborate with other bloggers to increase the reach of their content.

    As you can see, professional bloggers are figures who have decided to make this activity a job or at least to make it a source of secondary income. 

    On the other hand, blogging is now considered one of the professions of the new millennium as it is an activity that allows a wide range of people to earn, provided that you apply perseverance, creativity and appropriate techniques.

    The advantages: why start a blog today?

    Web SEO Copywriting

    Opening a blog is worthwhile, because the personal and professional benefits that you can get are many. 

    Whether you want to create your own blog at an amateur or professional level you can get several benefits that can improve you as a person and why not, even economically:

    1. Earn money with a blog by becoming a professional blogger

    If you do a quick search online you can realize how many people are earning respectable amounts of money from blogging. 

    There are plenty of bloggers out there who manage to cash in on 6-zero figures monthly, but even if you don't make it into this bracket, if you're consistent and put in the effort you can earn a respectable salary or round out your monthly income.

    Also keep in mind that as a blogger you have several (almost endless) income options, for example: 

    1. Through advertisements (direct and indirect),
    2. Ospitando post (guest post a pagamento),
    3. Thanks to sponsorships,
    4. Selling products on behalf of third parties (affiliations),
    5. Selling digital products (courses, digital books) or physical products on your site,
    6. Writing texts for other blogs,
    7. Managing websites for businesses,
    8. Writing paid reviews,
    9. Accepting donations from readers, etc.


    2. Improve your self-esteem

    Sharing your passions and the knowledge you have learned throughout your life with others is very rewarding, and can affect your self-esteem, which will increase as you realize the usefulness of the work you do.

    Keep in mind that in the world every day millions of people surf the web looking for information, and regardless of the niche you deal with, there will always be someone ready to take you as a reference point and read your content with pleasure.

    3. Inspire others and be inspired

    Becoming a blogger also means opening your mind and learning about realities that can prove very useful in your personal and professional life.

    By writing for others and for yourself, editing your blog and connecting with other people you will be able to find different sources of inspiration and in turn inspire others.

    In essence, you will improve yourself and you'll automatically help others improve as well.

    4. Thanks to the blog you will have many potential opportunities

    By opening your own online space, not only will you be able to earn money from blogging through the methods listed above, but other avenues full of opportunities will open up to you.

    For example, if you cover a very specific topic in your blog that you are knowledgeable in, other people interested in that niche will start reading your content, share it and recommend it, thus getting a lot of traffic which also means attracting the attention of companies in that industry.

    As a result, you may be contacted to collaborate with brands in your industry, receive job offers and even requests to advertise certain products and services related to that niche.

    5. You can grow your existing business

    The web is a powerful toolif used well, it can provide you with many benefits and blogging is a great way to get them.

    For example, if you already have an online or offline business and you want to increase potential customers you can use the blog to advertise the services and products you sell, as well as the business in general.

    It has been known for years that classic advertising alone is no longer enough to grow businessbut you need constant advertising that is developed via the web, through blogs, paid advertising, at search engines, via social networks, etc..

    But the good news is that you, through the blog you create can advertise your business for free, so why not take advantage of this opportunity to make yourself known and increase your potential customers?

    Recent Studies claim that thanks to the web potential customers can increase up to 97%, so it is a tool not to be overlooked.

    6. You will come into contact with new people and realities

    As Socrates said, we are "social animals," so we need to be in contact with others, collaborate for work purposes, create friendships, etc.

    Through our relationships with others we also create new opportunities for ourselves socially and personally, so we can do the same in the virtual world.

    Thanks to a blog you can meet people with the same passions as you, exchange ideas on the subject you are dealing with, make new friends, collaborate with others and even learn about realities that you might not even think existed.

    The ingredients of a successful blog

    Creare un blog di successo - guadagnare con un blog - importanza della SEO - benefici della seo - wp rocket recensione e opinioni -

    As you may have noticed, becoming a blogger can give you several satisfactions, but to achieve success you need to know how to move properly.

    It takes method, perseverance and being clear about the goals you want to achieve, plus there are several important aspects to consider and apply when creating your blog and as you try to grow it.

    The ingredients of a successful blog, that is, the steps you need to take carefully to get satisfactory results are as follows:

    Before thinking about the technical part of your blog I suggest you create a small business plan.


    First of all set your goals, it will help you not to get discouraged and to push yourself to be consistent over time.


    Also, specify what niche you want to cover, think about the frequency with which you want to publish content, establish what kind of readers you want to target, what writing style you want to use, etc.


    Put all of this data into your business plan and keep this information handy at all times.


    You'll see that this data will come in handy both when creating the blog and later on.

    Whether you intend to start a professional blog or an amateur one, I suggest you carefully choose the CMS (the system with which to manage a blog).


    In the market you will find many free and not free proposals, some more complete and easy to use like WordPress and others more specific.


    Before choosing I suggest you take into account the type of blog you intend to open and the needs you will have, so you can do targeted research without wasting time and without risking choosing a platform that has limitations.


    You don't even have to worry about the technical aspects as the available platforms provide virtually ready-to-use packages that are easy to customize and suitable for projects of all kinds.


    As you continue reading this article you will also find a specific section about WordPress.

    One "mistake" that is often made by newbie bloggers is to pay little attention to the type of domain and hosting they choose for the blog.


    Attracted by the platforms that offer free domain and hosting, they do not consider the limitations that arise from the beginning and the unprofessional aspect that the blog takes on.


    For example, if you choose a free domain you have to take into account that after the name you give to the blog will follow the name of the CMS you use and this factor will not only make it more difficult to remember your blog but will also make your work look less professional.

    Free domain example: yourblog.wordpress.com
    Paid domain example: yourblog.com


    If you choose free hosting take into account that you will have limited storage space, you may experience connection problems, you will have access to support that is often lacking and you will likely have limited visits.


    Instead, by opting for paid domain and hosting, in exchange for a very affordable monthly or yearly payment you can give your blog an original and easy to remember name, bypass the various problems listed above and offer your users a pleasant browsing experience.

    Don't forget to study the name of the blog carefully, as this is a very important aspect.


    Keep in mind the fact that users will find you more easily if you choose a name that is easy to remember and that is inherent to the niche you deal with. However, if you are going to promote yourself as a professional it is preferable to use your first and last name.


    For example, if you are a lawyer and in your blog you want to promote the services you offer, thanks to the name that will appear, your clients or potential clients will be able to find you in a simple and unmistakable way.

    Customize your blog in a way that lets users know they're in the right place. Use a theme that allows you to organize your content in an orderly fashion and try to encourage users to browse.

    The platform you will use will provide you with several free themes, but if you think they are not suitable for your project know that with a few euros you can buy a paid one and make your blog unique.

    Also make sure the blog is responsive whether users are browsing from PC or mobile devices.

    If you need a premium theme for your new site, and you don't know where to start looking, check out Themeforest, the marketplace for the best themes on the market.

    PS: più avanti in questa guida, ti mostrerò come installare un tema eccellente e persino gratuito 😉

    Identifying in advance who your ideal readers will be will allow you to attract quality traffic and connect with users interested in your project more easily.


    Accordingly, depending on the type of work you intend to do, think about who you want to target: companies, people who are passionate about a particular topic, men, women, university students, etc.


    Also, set a "tone of voice" appropriate to the project you have in mind and try to keep the same style at all times.


    The way you write things is important as it can particularly influence the user and also serves to make you more easily identified, so study well the way you intend to approach your readers.

    To retain your audience, understand what kind of users visit your site and plan new strategies to use in the future so that your blog continues to grow, it is a good idea to use the lead magnet which is a very useful form if you want to know your target audience and acquire new potential readers/customers.

    Email marketing is great in this respect, but so is a more direct approach where you ask readers to enter their details in exchange for a "reward".

    For example, if you promote courses on your blog you can offer readers a discount, a free ebook, a free trial of your service, etc.


    Whether you're at the beginning of your business or later, you need to keep in mind that promotion is essential to grow your blog.


    Becoming a blogger also means knowing how to promote your business online, so learn how to take advantage of all the channels you have at your disposal (guest posting, social networks, paid advertising, etc.) and use them to attract traffic.

    How to find the niche for your blog

    How to find the niche for a blog - become a blogger - how to create a blog website

    If becoming a blogger is your aspiration but you're still not clear on the niche you'd like to cover, don't worry, because it can happen to have confused ideas when you're just starting out.

    Even many aspiring bloggers who already have half an idea in mind may have doubts, but there are some tips that can help you decide on the topic to cover and earn money with a blog:

    1. Choose a topic you are good at

    Taking care of a blog and doing it well means devoting a lot of time to this activity and consequently you have to consider it almost like a job, since the beginning, even when you don't have any earnings yet.

    As a result, it's best to choose a niche that you like, that you're interested in, so you don't feel blogging is a burden when you have to follow and care for it even when you're tired or listless.

    Moreover, by focusing on a topic you love, you will also find it pleasant to look for new information, learn notions you didn't know and interact with users who are interested in your blog.

    2. Don't just think about making money

    As also anticipated above, you must not think only about money, but work well and you will see that the results will come, even if it is not an immediate process.

    Of course, it's fair to always keep in mind that you want to monetize the blog, but doesn't have to be the only reason you become a blogger. Especially if you're trying to figure out which niche is right for you, I suggest you mainly take into account your passions.

    For example, if your main passions are reading a lot and collecting butterflies, it is better if you choose to create a blog that talks about books and various readings if you also want to earn money in the future thanks to your blogging activity, as the market of books is undoubtedly wider and attracts more people interested in this topic than that of collecting butterflies.

    On the other hand, if you're not interested in earning money with a blog, you can certainly delve into the butterfly niche if that passion is much stronger than your passion for books.

    3. Assess your long-term intentions

    Let's imagine for a moment that you have absolutely no idea what topic to cover, but you want to become a blogger as soon as possible, even if you have no particular passions.

    In this case you have to ask yourself first of all what your long-term plans are, i.e. understand if you want to make the blog a relevant source of income, if you want to devote only some time to this activity, etc..

    If monetizing is one of your main reasons for becoming a blogger and you don't have any particular passions you can do some research online to see which niches attract the most readers, then choose one of them, taking into account your preferences.

    Cooking, gaming, fashion and technology are among the most popular topics, but if for example you're absolutely not interested in fashion while regularly reading tech news it's definitely preferable to choose the latter niche.

    Consider that some niches are very competitive and require a lot of effort, and if you don't have enough time to devote to blogging you risk not getting the results you hope for, especially if you want to earn money with a blog.

    For example, so many people like cooking blogs, especially those that contain tutorials in various formats.

    Keeping in mind that you have to post original content, if you want to devote yourself to a cooking blog you have to put into account the fact that you will have to photograph dishes, create videos, respond to users constantly, etc.

    So we are talking about a niche that takes time to be treated in a way that will guarantee you popularity, success and profit.

    Methods to earn online with a blog

    funnel marketing - Le diversi fasi di un sales funnel profettivole - che cos'e un funnel di vendita - Come guadagnare con un blog - dare soldi online con un blog - diventare blogger professionista

    There are numerous methods that you can use to earn money with a blog on the web, but first of all, it can be helpful for you to know what you should not do if you want to succeed and earn money with the blog you create.

    Things not to do to earn money with a blog

    So many bloggers, after spending money and time in creating their blogs end up abandoning their project as they failed to get satisfactory results.

    A long list of mistakes that are often made both during the initial phase and as soon as you start earning money with your blog are to blame.

    We're talking about all kinds of mistakes, often repeated over time and children of a bad preparation that can ruin the work you've done, then if you want to become a blogger and earn money with a blog take into account the next tips, so you can avoid making a lot of serious mistakes:

    The domain name, the choice of niche and hosting as well as that of the theme and other similar aspects should be carefully considered when setting up a blog, so don't rush and think well before deciding what action to take.

    Nothing should be left to chance, so when you have to start your blog think carefully about every factor that can influence your success.

    If you're on the fence about which hosting provider to choose, I suggest you check out these 2 articles I've blogged about:

    Being inspired by successful blogs and finding some cues is inevitable and can also be useful to grow as a blogger, but copying the style and content is one of the mistakes that can ruin your blogging.


    Your blog must reflect your personality and must be unique, so avoid being influenced by other people's content and by what other bloggers are doing, otherwise you risk failing in your project and losing your readers as soon as they realize that you are simply reproducing another blog.

    The quality of the content you publish is important and in a way represents the soul of your blog, as it is evaluated by users every time what you add to the blog is read, seen and heard.


    Lowering the quality of your content means moving towards the failure of your project, so if you want to achieve high-level results always carefully curate your content.

    If you have chosen your niche and started publishing content on the topic in question avoid going off-topic as it will confuse the reader and show little professionalism.


    Remember that the users who follow you or who have come to your blog were looking for information related to a specific topic, that is, what you deal with and therefore do not want interruptions.

    It's okay to take advantage of the many possibilities that can make you money with your blog, but there are some aspects that need to be studied carefully if you don't want to get the opposite result.


    Let's talk about the advertisements, listings and various forms of promotion that are placed on blogs.


    Overdoing it is always wrong as it distracts and unnerves the reader, so don't overdo it and carefully consider both where to place the ads and the format of the ads.

    When you write a post or add multimedia content to your blog always remember that the title is as fundamental as the other parts of the content.


    Many bloggers do not pay attention to this aspect and often create titles that are completely disconnected from the content, not optimized, not very interesting and also not very relevant to the topic of the post.


    Such a mistake would mean getting fewer clicks and fewer visits.

    There are blogs abandoned to themselves, which are updated once a month or even less, as well as others sometimes have 2-3 publications in one day and then nothing for months.


    This is a very common mistake that penalizes you heavily and if you want to earn money with a blog you must absolutely avoid being inconsistent in publications.


    One way to organize posting is to use an editorial plan and prepare several articles that are ready to post, so even if you have a snag you can still post and avoid skipping the calendar.

    As mentioned in the first part of this article, SEO plays an important role in the success of a blog, but even today, despite this is a known fact, many bloggers fail to optimize the content of the blog, facing an almost certain failure.


    Without creating optimized content your content will most likely remain in the shadows as neither search engines nor users will be able to find what you have published.


    It takes study to learn the rules of SEO, but at least the basics are essential to heading towards success.

    To become a blogger and earn money with a blog you have to be able to write correctly, keeping in mind grammar rules and being able to create quality content but easy to read/hear/view.


    It's not enough to write or publish articles/videos as it happens, you need self-criticism and maximum attention to be paid to the content, so before publishing anything re-read everything carefully, listen to your audio and make sure everything is correct and fluent.


    Browsing the blogs on the web you can often see that some content is incomprehensible, written in English that requires a translation to understand the meaning of the posts and this in addition to giving the blogs an unprofessional look are also difficult to read.


    Hardly a reader who comes to such a blog returns to it a second time.

    Readers like to know who they are interacting with, they want to understand who wrote the information they are reading and know the professional and personal history of the authors who wrote the posts, but many bloggers completely neglect this part, avoiding introducing themselves and making themselves known to users.

    Responding to comments is not only a way to thank the reader and address their concerns, but also a great strategy to increase your chances of ranking better on search engines.


    However, in many blogs, users who comment are not considered at all, and in this way you risk losing loyal readers and struggling to achieve high rankings.

    If you want to earn money with a blog, you can't overlook the importance that social networks play today.


    Sharing the contents of the blog on your social channels and allowing users to do so is essential to become known and grow, also just a simple plug in like this to activate these options.

    Google Analytics is a very useful tool for bloggers, but few people use it. If you want to always understand how to improve your blog, what are the most successful contents and know other data you have to carefully monitor the statistics of your blog and Google Analytics is ideal for this activity.

    You can create a free Google Analytics account here.

    What to do to earn with a blog (different methods and techniques)

    If you want to become a blogger and monetize this activity, know that you can generate income in two different ways: through direct and indirect earnings, but always remember to opt for methods that are compatible with your niche.

    For example, if you're talking about pots and pans, it's not really appropriate to sell parts for machines!

    Direct earnings are the income you can earn from the sale of products and services (including those that are not yours), as well as from other sources:

    • Advertisement: By placing banner ads on the blog for third parties you get paid every time they are displayed or when users click on the banners.

    • Dropshipping: Through your blog, you can also sell products that are not yours and earn money every time you generate a sale.

      This is a method that involves identifying one or more evergreen products or products that are fashionable at a particular time, which you can resell at a higher price without buying them directly but ordering them when someone decides to buy them through your blog and having it arrive directly at the customer's home.

      Basically, with this method you can generate a profit from the price difference and without directly owning a product to sell.

    • Affiliations: Another method of earning money directly through blogging is through affiliations.

      Definitely one of the most used affiliate programs is the one provided by Amazon, but many other companies of all kinds offer interesting programs.

      Basically, by promoting a particular company's services or products on your blog and inviting users to buy them you can earn a percentage of the final cost of each product each time a purchase is completed.

    • Infoproducts: In recent years, among the direct earning methods that can be applied in blogs, the sale of infoproducts has become increasingly popular.

      Courses, ebooks et similia depopulated on the web and the earnings that can be generated in this way are very interesting because all revenues belong to you, so if you have some expertise you can bet on this method of gain, especially if you are considered an authoritative figure on the web in your field.

    Instead, indirect earning methods are considered to be those that allow you to promote yourself and increase your potential customers, thus generating earnings.

    For example, if you are an English teacher, you can promote yourself through blogging and find people interested in learning this language, then you can increase your revenue through new students.

    However, to become a blogger at certain levels and earn money also means knowing how to devise sales strategies through the creation of persuasive content, using direct and indirect techniques (even together) innovatively, knowing how to correct any errors, modify earning strategies based on statistics, etc..

    Of course, all of this takes study, time and a lot of work, but the results can be very tempting.

    In addition, as mentioned above when we listed the things not to do to earn money with a blog, to achieve success is essential to take care of every aspect of the blog in a meticulous manner and regardless of the methods of earning money you prefer, remember not to exaggerate, or not to become repetitive and too aggressive by offering advertising everywhere, products and services, etc..

    Maintaining a natural attitude will make people appreciate your advice and the products you promote, without tiring them out, therefore you should find a balance between quality and the desire to earn money with the blog.

    10 good reasons to choose wordpress as a CMS to create your blog

    According to the most recent statistics, among the various platforms available WordPress is the one preferred by users who have a blog.

    We're talking about 67% of bloggers, a number that is definitely very high if we take into account that the other famous platforms don't exceed 8% of preferences.

    Complete, user friendly and easy to customize, the WordPress platform is undoubtedly among the most suitable for starting a blog, regardless of the niche you choose, the earning method you prefer to implement to monetize the blog and other needs you have.

    Background: What platform to start a blog on? Why use WordPress?

    There are several CMSs to choose from to start your own blog, some paid and some free, but since 67% of users prefer WordPress evidently there are numerous features that can satisfy all types of users that other platforms do not have.

    Also keep in mind that many bloggers have used other CMS before switching to WordPress, so if you don't want to waste time I suggest you to focus on this platform from the beginning.

    Anyway, in order to let you get an idea about this CMS I have selected the 10 most important and valuable features why you should use this platform:

    Being able to index your site well and rank as high as possible on search engines is one of the most challenging tasks, and the good news is that WordPress is coded in such a way as to facilitate this task, in fact it is indexed very well by Google.

    WordPress is an intuitive platform that can be used successfully even by those who do not have the slightest expertise in programming. You do not need to change the code to index well and this aspect is not to be overlooked as other platforms often require various changes that are not within everyone's reach.

    Even if you're 80 years old and have never used a CMS, you can start your own blog and manage it with ease. Not only is it intuitive and easy to manage, this platform also offers you guides and support of all respect, so you can count on real help if you need it.

    Not all CMS are free, but WordPress is. Moreover, being an Open Source platform is constantly updated and then improved more and more.

    If you want to become a blogger and choose to start your own blog on WordPress.org you will have the option to choose from many free and paid themes/plugins.


    Keep in mind that not all platforms have this wide availability, which means you may have trouble finding the right theme for your project.

    Here is another important aspect that belongs to this CMS, the ability to create as many pages as you want, without restrictions.


    Ideal for keeping your blog neat, creating different landing pages and more, this aspect makes WordPress versatile and intuitive.

    Just activate a plugin and your blog will always be protected from every point of view, also spam is effectively eliminated atrraverso free plugins.

    Sharing your content will only take a click or even this action can be done automatically if you choose WordPress. Just download one of the many plugins available and sharing will become a breeze.

    WordPress provides users with lots of easy-to-use tools that can be used at any time to customize different aspects of the blog.

    Unlike other platforms, WordPress allows you to have total control of your blog without having to make upgrades.


    Born as a blogging platform, WordPress is the ideal choice to become a professional blogger from the start and the many tools you'll have at your disposal will allow you to make your blog truly unique.

    How to start a blog with WordPress step by step

    how to start a blog and create a website to earn money online - become a blogger

    1. How to Buy Domain and WordPress Hosting

    At this point, let's get down to business and see where it pays to buy your domain and WordPress hosting.

    I suggest you rely on SiteGround as they offer several packages at great prices and have many attractive features: free domain with all packages, free WordPress installation, free SSL, auto-updates, automatic backups, customer support in Italian, and much more.

    To proceed with the tutorial click here below!

    You have 2 options now, it's your choice!

    1. Video Tutorials (click here to view it)
    2. Dozens of detailed screenshots with step-by-step directions (just keep reading).

    After clicking the button at the top here, select Web Hosting and click on WordPress Hosting as you see in the following image:

    SiteGround - Best hosting to create a blog - become a blogger and earn with a blog (1) (1)

    Then you can view the various packages so you can get an idea of the prices and offers included. Think about your needs and decide which proposal is best for you.

    SiteGround - Best hosting to create a website - how to earn money online with a blog (1) (1)

    After choosing the plan that's right for you, the second step is to choose the domain (if you don't already have one).

    You will get a screen like this one below and from here you can register your domain.

    If it is free you will be shown a confirmation notification and then asked for some personal information.

    Siteground domain choice create a website with wordpress 1 1

    Now to continue the purchase you just have to select the options you prefer from the screen that will open later (like the one I show you below this paragraph) where you will also have the summary of the package you have chosen, pay and that's it! After that, you can move on to install WordPress, build and customize your blog. 

    Siteground - payment page of the hosting - create a blog with wordpress - become a blogger and earn (1) (1)

    After clicking pay now, you will receive several confirmation emails.

    Very important: Among the different emails, you will receive one where you have to confirm the domain by clicking a link. Confirm that link and then you can move on to the next step.

    Only for some domain extensions the email with the link is sent, if you don't receive anything, then you can safely continue.

    2. How to install WordPress on your hosting

    To start installing WordPress on your hosting you will be prompted for the password you created earlier (username and password you entered at the beginning of the screenshot above).

    Siteground login page how to earn with a blog the guide to becoming a blogger

    Enter your login credentials on the login page and a screen like this one below will open and here you will need to click on "set up site".

    how to create a sblog - become a blogger and earn money online with a site (1)

    At this point, in the image that opens you will find two options: create a new site or transfer a site. 

    Select "Create new site" and you will see that under this option will appear another screen where you will be asked to choose the application (picture number 2).

    The guide to create a website and make money blogging website creation with siteground hosting 1 1
    Picture number 1

    Select "WordPress" then, at the bottom of the page enter your credentials as shown below in picture number 3.

    How to become a blogger how to create a successful blog how to earn with a blog open a blog in 20 minutes 10 1
    Picture number 2
    How to become a blogger - how to create a successful blog - how to earn money with a blog - start a blog in 20 minutes 11
    Picture number 3

    After entering your credentials press the "Complete" option:

    the guide to becoming a blogger - create a professional blog - open a website with siteground (1)

    Now wait a moment and in the screen that opens select the top item "Websites".

    How to install wordpress on siteground - website and blog creation - become a blogger (1)

    You will see that a page will load where you will be shown the name of your blog and you will be shown two options: "Site tools" and "WordPress toolset". Click on the latter item.

    How to install wordpress on siteground - website and blog creation - become a blogger - (1)

    When the next page loads select "WordPress Admin".

    How to install wordpress on siteground - website creation and blogging - diHow to install wordpress on siteground - website creation and blogging - become a blogger - (1)

    Now enter your credentials as prompted by the platform.

    How to install wordpress on siteground - website and blog creation - become a blogger --- (1)

    Ps: If the login page (above) gives you an error, don't panic! Sometimes it happens, and you have to wait a few hours for the DNS to propagate. Just try again after a few hours (sometimes minutes) and follow the last 4 steps again.

    Wait for the following screen to appear and that's it, the installation of WordPress on your hosting is successful and you can now customize your blog.

    create a wordpress blog with siteground hosting wordpress installer how to make money with a blog 1 1

    Now, you can start customizing your blog and making it secure. 

    First of all, you should take advantage of the tools provided by the platform and then install them, then think about security. 

    Here's how: 

    In the screen above after clicking "Start Now", a new page will open where you will be shown different themes, click "Continue".

    Don't choose a theme yet because we'll do that later together.

    Become a blogger and earn online install wordpress on siteground tutorial create a professional blog easily and quickly 1 2

    Now you will be shown different options, tools that you can install to customize your blog, make the user experience more enjoyable and grow the blog. 

    Pick the ones you like best. 

    I would recommend installing "Google Analytics", "Optimize for SEO" and "Increase Subscribers" features that will come in handy. 

    Once this is done click on "Complete".

    Become a blogger and earn online - install wordpress on siteground tutorial - create a professional blog easily and quickly - (1)

    Now, to secure your site for both you and your users, wait for the plugins you have selected to be installed and then, on the screen that appears, select "go to the dashboard".

    Become a blogger and earn online - install wordpress on siteground tutorial - create a professional blog easily and quickly -- (1)

    Then right-click on "View Site" and select "open link in new tab" from the drop-down menu. 

    A new page will open where you can view your blog and check if it is secure.

    How to install wordpress on siteground - siteground sitetools tutorial - techniques and methods to earn money with a blog - (1)

    If you look in the address bar and see a padlock that looks like the following picture, it means that your site is currently not considered secure by browsers and you need to make some changes, as I explain below.

    How to install SSL certificate on siteground hosting - siteground site tools tutorial - techniques and methods to earn with a blog - (1)

    What you need to do is go back to your SiteGround account, select "Websites" at the top and then "Site tools".

    How to install wordpress on siteground sitetools tutorial techniques and methods to earn with a blog and become a blogger 1

    On the page that opens, click on "Security" on the left and then on "SSL Management". 

    On the side, you will get a screen and here you have to select the domain to install the SSL certificate on, select let's encrypt and then click get.

    It will take about 1 minute to install the SSL certificate correctly.

    Now, on the left side click again on "Security" and then on "Forcing HTTPS". 

    On the side, you will get a screen like in the picture below and here you will have to activate the option shown, that is HTTPS forcing, in this way your site will be secure and will have an SSL certificate properly installed.

    How to install free SSL on siteground - siteground site tools tutorial - become a blogger and earn money with a blog (1)

    How to buy hosting and domain with siteground - Video Tutorial

    Questo video ti mostra come acquistare hosting e dominio, come installare WordPress con un click e anche come installare un certificato SSL su Siteground (se hai seguito gli screenshot sopra, puoi saltare questo video).

    3. Come Installare un tema su WordPress (Astra Theme)

    As mentioned in the other sections of this article, becoming a blogger and being able to earn money means taking care of every detail, including the theme that must be in line with your project.

    As you'll see below, WordPress provides you with several free and even paid themes.

    Anyway, if you don't know which theme to choose I suggest you to take a look at Astra Themeideal for numerous projects.

    Here's how to install the Astra theme on WordPress:

    Installation time: 1 minute
    Cost 0 EUR

    What do you need?

    - Hosting
    - WordPress website
    - Internet connection.

    Steps to install the Astra theme on WordPress:

    Step 1:
    Click on "Appearance" and then, in the drop-down menu that opens on "Themes" and then on "Add new theme".
    How to install a theme on wordpress - siteground hosting tutorial - create a blog and become a blogger (1)
    Step 2:
    Type in the search bar "astra", as soon as the Astra theme appears click on "Install" and then on "Activate".
    How to install astra theme on wordpress - open a wordpress website tutorial (1) (1)
    Step 3:
    Once you have activated the new theme, to see what your blog looks like just right-click on the "Visit the site" item and then on "Open link in a new tab".
    How to install astra theme on wordpress - open a wordpress website tutorial (1) (1)

    4. How to Install a Template on WordPress (Complete Website in One Click)

    Continuing with the customization of your blog you can take care of the template. Also in this case there are many options and to show you how to install it, I chose an Astra template.

    Precisely I installed "Fresco", a template ideal for restaurant activities, but you can choose what you want, following the same procedure that I show you below.

    Installation time: 2 minutes
    Cost 0 EUR

    What do you need?

    - Hosting
    - WordPress website
    - Internet connection.

    Steps to install a template on WordPress:

    Step 1:
    Click on "Plugins" and then on "Add New".
    how to install a template on wordpress - create a blog with siteground hosting - become a blogger - - Earn money with a blog (1)
    Step 2:
    Type "Astra Sites" in the search bar. From the results select "Astra Starter Sites", as in the following picture, then click on "Install" and immediately after on "Activate".
    how to install a template on wordpress - create a blog with siteground hosting - become a blogger and earn with a blog (1)
    Step 3:
    Now, back to your dashboard click on "Appearance" and in the drop down menu click on "Astra Starter sites".
    how to install a template on wordpress - create a blog with siteground hosting - become a blogger - - Earn money with a blog (1)
    Step 4:
    In the page that opens select the template you prefer and click on "Preview" to see a preview of the template you have chosen.
    how to install a template on wordpress - create a blog with siteground hosting - become a blogger... (1)
    Step 5:
    Now, if you like the template you have chosen, all you have to do is select all the entries and then click on "Import".
    how to install a template on wordpress - create a blog with siteground hosting - how to make money and earn with a blog (1)

    5. How to edit template texts and images with Elementor

    Now that you have also installed the new template you can move on to customizing the texts and photos.

    Per eseguire queste operazioni puoi usare il page builder Elementor, uno strumento completo che ti consente di modificare qualsiasi aspetto in maniera intuitiva.

    To start making changes to the blog click on "Edit with Elementor" as I show you in the picture below.

    How to use elementor to edit a page on wordpress - how to create a blog website

    It will open a screen like this one you see below from where you can start to edit what you want: Blog header, photos, text, various texts, fonts, colors, etc..

    Once you have made your changes click on "Update" to save your work.

    How to use elementor to edit a page on wordpress how to create a blog website

    If you are having difficulty using Elementor online you will find numerous guides in English, Italian and other languages.

    Elementor is an excellent tool to build any kind of blog or website, it also has a paid version that allows you to:

    1. Integrate (and edit) contact forms,
    2. Access to many premium elements (widgets)
    3. Create professional pop ups to increase newsletter subscribers,
    4. Install templates (ready-made professional pages) with one click
    5. Theme builder, which allows you to easily change the appearance of any, and I repeat, any page of your website. Even in this case, there are ready-made templates, which you just need to install with a click, save the changes, and BOOM! A professional website with 2 clicks 😉
    6. And many other super features.

    You can take a look at the features of Elementor PRO by clicking on exactly HERE!

    6. How to buy a logo from a freelancer on Fiverr for 10 euros

    Per dare al tuo blog un aspetto professionale e per far sì che gli utenti possano ricordarti facilmente è molto importante avere un logo proprio, originale e in grado di rispecchiare l’attività che svolgi.

    At Fiverr, piattaforma che offre servizi di ogni genere puoi trovare numerosi freelancer che possono creare per te un logo originale in pochi giorni e persino in poche ore.

    All you have to do is go to Fiverr by clicking here, scrivere il tipo di servizio che cerchi nella barra di ricerche interna del sito dove c’è scritto “find services”, premere “search” e selezionare il freelancer che ti ispira di più.

    Before buying one package rather than another I suggest you read the service description carefully and if in doubt contact the freelancer before ordering your logo.

    SEO: How to Write a Search Engine Optimized Blog Article

    SEO - How to become a blogger - how to create a successful blog - how to earn money with a blog - start a blog in 20 minutes 2

    Previously we have already mentioned SEO and its importance, but at this point let's see what precisely it is and how you can write and publish SEO oriented content.

    Writing for your blog surely it excites you, sharing your knowledge with others or being able to advertise your business is ideal if you want to become a blogger for one of these reasons, but alas, writing interesting content and creating beautiful graphics is not enough to be successful and make you known.

    It's not even enough to earn money with a blog, because if you don't take care of the SEO part of the texts, photos and videos you publish, you will hardly be found by users on search engines.

    Many people turn up their noses when it comes to SEO, because the "purists" believe that you have to write for readers and that's it, not for search engines, but the truth is that writing randomly following only your passion without taking care of SEO optimization can make your work almost wasted.

    Obviously taking only SEO into account is definitely not a good strategy, But quality writing combined with SEO rules can be the winning weapon for you to achieve success.

    What does that mean?

    That you need to create useful, quality content about the niche you choose, but acquire the ability to formulate your texts in a way that doesn't neglect search engine optimization.

    That's what top-notch web writers do, including several successful bloggers who self-curate their content, and it's what you should do too if you want to become a blogger and make money from a blog.

    Unless you want to delegate the writing to an outside web writer/copywriter.

    Council: anche se non hai grandi doti per la scrittura, tempo e conoscenze approfondite sulla SEO ti suggerisco vivamente di approfondire almeno tutto ciò che riguarda l’ottimizzazione SEO.

    Fatte queste premesse vediamo cosa devi fare per scrivere e pubblicare contenuti SEO oriented.

    The ingredients of successful SEO content

    How to become a blogger - how to create a successful blog - how to earn money with a blog - start a blog in 20 minutes 7

    Using suitable keywords that are frequently searched for by users is one of the keys to good content optimization.

    Today there are many tools that can help you to make an accurate analysis of keywords and understand which are the most searched (and less competitive) on the web by users.

    SEMRush, Ubersuggest and Google Trends are some of them, also if you use WordPress you will have many other plugins and tools already installed or that you can download and use in your blog.

    I use rank math as a plugin (free) and SEMrush As an SEO tool (one of my best investments).

    Once you've created the first draft of your editorial plan you'll want to take the titles/topics you've prepared and find the right keywords to use both in the titles and in the texts in general.


    Try to analyze the words you used in the editorial plan, check the search volume on the words contained in the titles you intend to develop and if necessary use other synonyms of those words to create the titles while dealing with the same topic you had in mind.

    If you have selected multiple keywords to use in the content you have in mind remember to use the most important one in the title.


    Use it later, but don't abuse it as you risk making the text unpleasant for readers to read and is a technique frowned upon by search engines.

    The first paragraph is crucial. It is the one that normally makes the user decide whether to continue reading or not. Therefore, try to be incisive right from the start and let the reader know they are in the right place.

    Putting your content's most important keyword in the meta description helps you grab the reader's attention.

    The meta description is the description of the article that appears in the search results.

    In order to edit the meta description, you will need an SEO plugin like Rank Math or Yoast By Seo.

    How to change permalink, insert meta title and meta description in SEO Rank Math plugin - become a blogger and earn with a blog (1) (1)

    The permalink should be short, clear, and contain the keyword.

    The permalink is the link to the article, and this can be edited either with an SEO plugin or WordPress itself.

    Example permalink: www.yourwebsite.com/short-blog-post-title

    Google appreciates text that has good readability and readers do too. As a result, I highly recommend you avoid it:


    • Repetitions,
    • Keywords piled up all the time,
    • Sentences and paragraphs that go on for miles,
    • Useless analogies
    • And anything else that can make the content heavy.

    Also, don't forget to create subtitles to divide the text into different topics, so you improve readability.


    If you want to deepen this topic I invite you to read this article I wrote on how to write for the web.

    It's not enough to just use the rules for SEO in your text content, you also need to optimize your photos and videos. To do that you need to:

    • Compress images before uploading them,
    • Give each file a consistent name before uploading it to WordPress,
    • Never forget to write the alternate text, 
    • Use the keyword and/or its synonyms without exaggeration.

    How to optimize images for SEO on wordpress (1) (1)


    Offering readers the ability to access other resources related to the topic you cover appeals to Google and users also appreciate receiving more information.

    These are the main ingredients you need to know in order to become a successful blogger through writing and publishing quality texts, and above all optimized for search engines.

    Ora che sai tutto su come diventare blogger, creare un blog e come creare contenuti per i motori di ricerca è giunto il momento di scoprire come studiare i tuoi competitors e come aumentare il traffico del tuo blog. 

    How to increase your blog traffic using SEMRush

    Anyone who has a blog (and not only) and wants to grow from every point of view can not help but use quality SEO tools. 

    SEMRush is currently one of the most comprehensive solutions you can rely on as it is a toolkit designed for SEO, content marketing, advertising, competitive research and social media.

    Increasing blog traffic is one of the perennial goals of bloggers and thanks to SEMRush this task becomes easier, even if you have many competitors, let's see how...

    1) Find out who your competitors are

    The first step to take in order to increase the traffic to your site concerns your competitors.

    You need to know who is "competing" with you for traffic and SEMRush is the perfect tool to find out who your competition is.

    Let's talk about Market Explorer, a tool that can show you what the competitive landscape is based on both the estimated traffic volume and the growth of a specific domain.

    Thanks to this tool you can see who are your competitors that are increasing traffic faster and more.

    All you need to do is Create a free account on SEMrush and follow these simple steps.

    How to use SEMrush to increase blog traffic - Competitor study and keyword research (1) (1)

    You will find a page with a lot of useful information about the competitors of the entered domain and metrics that you can't find in any free tool.

    From here on you can start investigating the strengths (and especially weaknesses) of each domain, and use any information to your advantage.

    2) Find out how your competitors drive traffic to their blogs

    With a SEMRush feature called "Traffic Analytics", you can understand the direct and indirect channels through which your competitors are increasing their traffic, as well as compare your blog to theirs and understand what strategies you should adopt/change to improve your site's traffic flow.

    How to use SEMrush to increase blog traffic - competitor traffic analysis and keyword research (1) (2)

    3) Bring more direct traffic to your blog

    Using the tool (Market Explorer) listed in the first point you may see that your competitors have a large flow of direct traffic. 

    This can help you understand that you need to improve your brand awareness then get known through social, online campaigns, offline, etc.

    4) Increase referral traffic

    In this case, it's about increasing traffic to the blog through collaborations, your fellow bloggers, etc.

    Being "linked" by others through backlink also makes you more authoritative, so this step is essential, but if you don't have great contacts yet you can make them.


    For example, being active on Quora, other bloggers' websites and forums related to your niche.

    SEMRush in questo caso può aiutarti grazie alla funzione che ti permette di consultare la panoramica di un dominio e quindi sapere anche in quali pagine di Quora/Forum più pertinenti conviene intervenire e quindi creare dei backlink.

    La stessa cosa puoi farla anche nei gruppi Facebook e nelle altre community, ma non esagerare e non spammare, altrimenti rischi di ottenere l’effetto contrario.

    5) Drive traffic from social media

    By using Traffic Analytics you can also understand which social media are bringing more traffic to your blog and to your competitors' blogs and consequently you can try to implement new strategies to bring more traffic from social media.


    And that's it! At this point in the guide, I'm more than sure that your first blog should already be set up and ready to take off, and all of this must have been pretty damn easy for you (unlike my first time!).

    If you experience any difficulties installing WordPress on Siteground, or while creating your blog, please don't hesitate to contact me or write me a comment.

    Enjoy your new blog!

    I'll see you soon.

    A hug!

    Housam Ayouni - Samayo - Autore

    Housam Ayouni

    I am a Spain-based marketer who loves pizza, travel and dogs. For several years, I have been providing simple solutions to complex ideas to all my clients, developing professional websites for them that generate visits, leads and profits. My goal with this blog is to share with you everything I've learned and will learn, to help you create a professional and profitable online business.

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