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Fiverr: What it is, How it works & How to use the platform

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    Oggi parliamo di Fiverr Italia, ovvero di uno dei siti più visitati da coloro che hanno bisogno di acquistare (oppure vendere) dei servizi che sono principalmente legati al mondo del web.

    Ideal both for those who are looking for collaborators for short-term projects and for establishing long-term working relationships, this site is currently among the most popular as it provides users with a wide range of services that can be purchased at very competitive prices.

    If you have also come to know about this site but you don't know how Fiverr works or if you are looking for a professional freelancer who can help you create a sitewrite your contents, translate your site, or if you are in charge of other tasks related to your online and offline business, read on and discover everything about this innovative site.

    Ah! Before I start I would like to anticipate that I am a "Seller" on fiverr, so I speak from personal experience!

    Fiverr italia earnings as a freelancer how to earn money online by offering services on fiverr how much does a web designer freelancer earn 1

    I use Fiverr as an alternative way to earn money online, and what I will tell you in this guide is as a result of my personal and real use of the platform.

    fiverr italia review how much does a freelancer earn on fiverr how does the fiverr platform work 1
    Create italian website creation blog and ecommerce by Samayo 2020 12 24 16 45 40 1
    Create italian website creation blog and ecommerce by Samayo 2020 12 24 16 46 11 1


    I would like to point out that some of the links in this article are affiliate links. This means that if you click on them, and then make a purchase, I will receive a commission, at no additional cost to you. 
    If you have never joined Fiverr, please click one of the buttons on this page before signing up. Thank you!

    Okay, now let's dive into discovering Fiverr.

    Fiverr: what is it?

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    As previously mentioned, Fiverr is a site where you can buy and sell services of different types.

    Available in many countries, Fiverr is a real point of reference for those who need web services (and not only), and the good news is that today the platform is also available in Italian and local freelancers offering services at great prices are increasing, so Fiverr Italy grows more and more and as a result this translates into more job opportunities for service providers and more choice for those looking for a willing professional.

    Intuitive and suitable even for those who do not have much experience on the web, Fiverr works very well as a platform and is equipped with numerous features that facilitate communication between sellers and buyers. 

    It doesn't matter if you're looking for services related to advertising, web marketing, writing or if you need another service, on Fiverr Italy you will surely find what you need and finding a suitable professional that's right for you is simple, because the services are organized into categories and subcategories, you can also search for the specific service you need using the search bar on the site.

    In sostanza Fiverr italiano è la soluzione per numerose esigenze che si possono presentare nella vita quotidiana e lavorativa, ma ora andiamo per passi e vediamo dettagliatamente cosa si può acquistare precisamente, come funziona l’acquisto e la vendita, come ci si può registrare e qualsiasi altra cosa che riguarda questo sito.

    How Fiverr works

    Fiverr works like any other marketplace. Sellers offer their services, and buyers who are interested in these services ask questions and if they are satisfied with the answers, they buy them. 

    Fiverr works as an intermediary that guarantees both parties maximum satisfaction on the final result. 

    Fiverr retains 20% of each transaction. 

    Once the seller has delivered the work and the buyer has accepted the delivery, Fiverr will pay the seller within 2 weeks (faster for PRO & top sellers).

    What services can be purchased on Fiverr?

    Fiver italia review and opinions - how does fiverr work

    To get an idea of the services that are available on Fiverr, keep in mind that the platform is organized into 8 macro categories:

    1. Graphics & Design.
    2. Digital marketing.
    3. Writing and translations.
    4. Videos and animations.
    5. Music and audio.
    6. Programming and technology.
    7. Advertisement.
    8. Business.
    9. Lifestyle.

    Depending on the service you are looking for, it is best to search for freelancers on the site by clicking on the relevant category and then selecting the item you are interested in, otherwise you can search for the service you need by typing what you need directly on the search bar available on the site. 

    In the following picture, you can see what the internal search bar looks like.

    Fiverr - Marketplace of freelance services for companies - fiverr italia opinions and review - how to use fiverr - how fiverr works

    For example, if you are looking for a freelancer who can create your website just type in the search bar "Website Creation" as in the picture below and you will see several freelancers offering this service.

    Fiverr - Marketplace of freelance services for companies - fiverr italia opinions and review - how to use fiverr - how fiverr works

    Once the screen that shows you the available services appears, you can also select several options that can help you narrow down your search. 

    If you're only looking for Italian freelancers you can select "local sellers" in the top right hand corner, while if you have a strict deadline you can select one of the options under "Delivery times" and you'll be shown the freelancers that offer the service compatible with your needs.

    Fiver italia opinions and review - freelance website creation service

    Then you can click on the profile of the freelancer who has inspired you the most and offers the service you are looking for. 

    By opening the profile you can find a lot of information about the person providing the service as well as the price, delivery time, additional services that can be purchased, etc.

    samayo profile fiverr italia - gig website creation (1) (1)

    In this case I have shown you an example of how you can buy a package of services related to the creation of a website, but as I anticipated, you can find many other professionals who do different types of work:

    • Web writers,
    • Translators,
    • Singers,
    • Movie makers,
    • Graphic designer
    • Life coach,
    • Logo makers,
    • Esperti in SEO,
    • Freelancers specializing in advertising and much more.

    In addition, if you do not find what you are looking for by searching for the service you need as I have showed you before, you can also try to select according to the relevant categories.

    Per farti capire meglio come funziona questo secondo metodo supponiamo che abbiamo bisogno di un logo per un’azienda.

    Accessing the official website of Fiverr we click on the category "Graphics and Design". Then a new page will open in which we can see several sub-categories, divided in such a way as to allow us to find the specific service we need quickly and easily.

    In this case, we click on "Logo Design", an action that we can perform either by clicking on the corresponding item in the list that you can see on the side or directly in the "middle" of the page (look at the items highlighted in the picture below).

    how fiverr italia works - how to use the fiverr freelance platform

    Again, this opens a page where you can view the available freelancers and the services they offer:

    Create a logo with fiverr italia - how to buy gigs on fiverr

    Now we just need to read the reviews, profiles and services offered by the professionals present, and then we can move on to the purchase, but of course first, you need to register and understand well what the GIG is, how to buy a service in detail and also how the guarantee works on Fiverr.

    How to register on Fiverr - step by step guide with photos

    If you intend to use the site leaving English as your language, the first step to take to register is to click on the "Join" button at the top right. 

    If you prefer to register using Italian as your language, the first thing to do is to go to "English", click on it and in the menu that opens select "Italian" as your language.

    How to register on fiverr italy - how to earn money online as a freelancer on fiverr

    Now that you have set the Italian language, click on "Sign up" at the top right:

    Fiverr - Marketplace of freelance services for companies and individuals

    The screen that appears will allow you to sign up in 4 different ways: using your Facebook, Google, Apple account or using your email. 

    Choose the mode you prefer and enter the data you are asked for.

    After entering the required data (username and password) you will be directed to another page where you will be asked to confirm/activate your account and you will be told how to do it. 

    Ad esempio, se hai scelto di aprire il tuo account via mail ti verrà richiesto di cliccare sul link che Fiverr Italia ti ha mandato nella casella di posta elettronica.

    Once you've confirmed your registration, all you have to do is enter a few details on your profile and then you'll be free to start browsing and purchasing the services you need.

    What is a Fiverr Gig?

    install a theme on wordpress

    Surely already while you were taking a look at the services offered by various professionals you will have noticed that you are often offered Gigs. 

    If you're still not clear on what this is about, don't worry, it's nothing strange, it's just the name used by this platform to define the packages available on the site. 

    Basically, instead of using the term "Package", "Service", "service package" or using other more common terms on Fiverr you will find the Gig.

    If you take a look on the platform you'll notice that many Gigs are available from 5 USD, which is a very affordable price, but of course prices depend on the professional service offered, the time it takes the freelancer to execute the order and other factors. 

    To make it even clearer, let's take an example: 

    Supponiamo che tu abbia bisogno di redigere un testo da circa 500 parole ottimizzato per la SEO, ma non sai come fare e decidi di cercare un professionista su Fiverr che possa svolgere questo compito per te.

    To find the person who does this kind of work, select the "Writing and Translation" category and then the relevant sub-category, or type directly what you need in the search bar we mentioned earlier. 

    Once you open the page that contains the profiles and offers of freelancers who offer this service you'll notice that prices often start from 5 USD and clicking on the package that caught your attention you'll notice that you'll be shown the details of the Gig at 5 dollars and almost certainly you'll be offered other Gigs, more expensive.

    Generally, the basic Gig in some categories costs 5 USD but given the low price it is normal that it is a limited service.

    For example, in the case mentioned above you might find limitations on text length, usually no images are included and often the basic Gig involves writing simple articles. 

    On the other hand, the Gigs of 10, 15, 20 euros or more expensive are more complete in every respect and many services are offered in these packages. 

    Anyway, thanks to the presence of many freelancers you can find what you need at great prices, but keep in mind that if you need a complex and time-consuming service such as creating a website you can't expect to find Gigs starting from 5 USD, but from higher figures, although they are always very affordable.

    How do I buy a service on Fiverr?

    Samayo.org Blog Web Design SEO website creation blog e commerce Ayouni Housam content marketing 13

    By now you know almost everything about how Fiverr works, but there are some details you still need to know if you want to buy a service on this platform safely and without making mistakes with Gig.

    Once you've signed up on Fiverr let's say you've already located the freelancer who offers the service that's right for you and you've decided to buy one of the Gigs they make available. 

    Before proceeding with your order I suggest you take the following steps:

    1. Read well what is included in the Gig you are interested in.In practice, I recommend you to make sure that the package (Gig) that has attracted your attention is really what you need. For example, if you have to buy a service to create your online store, check what is included in the Gig and what is not. In this way you can assess whether the services included are enough or if you should buy a more complete Gig. By paying attention to these details you save money and time.
    2. Read seller's profile.To get an idea of the skills of the person you intend to hire, it can be useful to read the information available on the freelancer's profile, and I also suggest you take a look at any previous work done (if available).
    3. Guarda le recensioni e valuta se è il caso di ingaggiare il freelancer in questione. Anche se non tutti gli acquirenti lo fanno, in tanti comunque decidono di lasciare una recensione a lavoro ultimato e questo può essere molto utile per capire se si va incontro ad un venditore serio o meno. Generalmente è consigliabile puntare su freelancer che abbiano almeno un punteggio di 4,5 su 5.
    4. Communicate with the seller. Especially if you have doubts about the Gig you are going to buy I suggest you contact the seller before buying a service. There is a chat that you can use at any time where you can keep in touch even later with the seller you have chosen, so use it anytime.

    After evaluating these points and ascertaining that the seller is the right one, as well as the Gig you have chosen, you can move on to the purchase of the service, an action that can be carried out either by buying the Gig directly or through a purchase proposal that the seller can send you directly. 

    Nothing changes at the monetary level, while to pay for the service you can use different payment methods: PayPal, credit card, etc..

    Cose da tenere a mente prima di acquistare una GIG su fiverr italia

    Samayo.org Blog Web Design SEO website creation blog e commerce Ayouni Housam content marketing 1
    1. Give yourself some time to research the gigs.Find at least 3-10 vendors that fit your needs and contact them for more information.
    2. Save your favorite sellers in a collection (just click on the heart on the gig page) and categorize them. This way you will always have easy access to good services.
    3. Determine the quality of gigs by reading reviews. But instead of reading all the 5-star reviews, scroll down and look for the negative ones. Unfortunately, many sellers have fake reviews.
    4. Don't let the "Level One Seller" badge alone fool you. This does not guarantee the quality of the service, it just shows that the seller has completed a certain number of gigs. It is much better to work with sellers who have a good reputation and who give you a good impression when you contact them.
    5. Quando contattati un venditore chiedi sempre un esempio/sample work di un lavoro consegnato recentemente. Just so you understand what exactly you're getting for the price you're going to pay.
    6. Always check the quality of the work. Don't rely solely on the description of the gig or the experience of the seller. The seller is responsible for delivering the work they promised. Your responsibility as a buyer is to make sure that the work they delivered will benefit your business/project. In most cases, the seller just wants to make money and doesn't have your best interest at heart (but that's not always the case).

    7. If you have a special/particular request, be sure to request it before placing your order. This way everyone understands and is aware of what needs to be done.

    8. Be realistic: Fiverr UK is a great site to save money if you're on a tight budget. You're buying a service from a vendor for $5 on Fiverr, and somewhere else you'd be paying around $50-100 (and sometimes a lot more) for the same service. So, if you're on a budget and need a particular service of the highest quality, go with a professional and leave Fiverr alone.

    How does the warranty work on Fiverr?

    Samayo.org Blog Web Design SEO website creation blog e commerce Ayouni Housam content marketing 8

    Thanks to a safe and effective payment system Fiverr ensures its customers the maximum guarantee on both data protection and payment security.

    In addition, if the client is not satisfied with the work done by the chosen freelancer or if there are problems with the execution of the order you can open a dispute and request the cancellation of the order, make a request for the work to be reviewed further and much more.

    Finally, if the freelancer has not finished the job on time, after a few hours from the expiration of the "contract" the order can be canceled and get a refund of the amount paid.

    Basically, Fiverr provides users with different modalities that ensure a full warranty.

    Can you earn money with Fiverr?

    Samayo.org Blog Web Design SEO website creation blog e commerce Ayouni Housam content marketing 7

    Con Fiverr Italia si può guadagnare e oggi il numero dei freelance che decidono di lavorare tramite questa piattaforma è sempre più alto.

    As anticipated, on Fiverr Italy there are many categories of freelancers who rely on Fiverr. Work comes from all over the world, so it's a platform open to all those who have skills that they want to make available to users in exchange for a monetary compensation. 

    For example, if you are a good video maker you can offer this service on Fiverr, instead if you know well both Italian and another language you can work with translations.

    Very popular are also those who propose themselves as virtual assistants, logo creators and Social Media Managers, but even if you have a different skill from these just mentioned, on Fiverr you can certainly monetize your skills.

    Anche se svolgi un altro lavoro, Fiverr Italia può esserti utile in quanto puoi arrotondare, mentre se vuoi allargare il giro dei tuoi clienti posso confermarti che anche in questo caso Fiverr può esserti molto utile.

    How to sell services on Fiverr?

    Samayo.org Blog Web Design SEO website creation blog e commerce Ayouni Housam content marketing 9

    Fiverr allows any person to offer and sell their services on their platform. So, if you want to monetize your skills, all you have to do is complete the registration process that I will show you below.

    Next, your gig will also start appearing on Fiverr's results page when someone searches for information relevant to your service.

    Your Gigs will start to get more and more love from the platform (i.e. more exposure from Fiverr), and if your service is good and you can maintain positive customer feedback, the number of your orders will grow quickly.


    How to become a seller on Fiverr?

    How to become a seller on fiverr how to offer services on fiverr italia 1 1

    Start by clicking on this link and then click on the "Become a seller/become a seller" button. This will direct you to an easy and intuitive registration process.

    You will be required to complete 5 simple steps:

    1. Set up your salesperson profile.
    2. Create your Gig.
    3. Add a video presentation to the Gig (optional).
    4. Offer a package.
    5. Offer extras for your gig (great way to increase revenue).

    Although only the first 2 steps are mandatory, the last 3 will help you generate more traffic and increase your profit.

    Alternatives to Fiverr: Other sites for freelancers (also in Italian)

    Programming - How to install a plugin on wordpress - installation of wordpress plugins - install a theme on wordpress - Fiver italia review and opinions - how it works fiverr

    The Italian Fiverr, as well as other versions of this platform is certainly one of the most used platforms by those who want to offer and buy online services, but even if this site is currently considered the most famous know that there are also other similar alternatives, but that have some more specific peculiarities both in terms of payments and technical level. 

    Let's see what other sites you can check out:

    1. UpWork:

    Again, you work on a project basis, but you can also create long-term partnerships. 

    Available in various countries around the world, UpWork is certainly a direct competitor to Fiverr and navigating the site is easy, as is signing up. 

    Unlike Fiverr, prices here hardly start from 5 USD and usually it's the freelancer who applies for published projects, although it's not excluded that companies look for the professional.

    A peculiarity of this site is definitely the fact that in addition to being able to work on a project, it is also possible to define an hourly rate and get paid based on these parameters.

    We are talking about one of the first platforms created to match freelancers with users from all over the world who need a certain service. 

    On this site about 20 million freelancers are registered belonging to various categories and to work here you must participate in a kind of "auctions", but to apply you must be in possession of certain requirements provided by the client.

    Available since 2014, this platform is quite similar to Freelancer and again is militated by professionals of all kinds: from web writers to lawyers and accountants. 

    Once a project is published, freelancers can apply and the company or otherwise user looking for a professional evaluates the applications and starts working with the professional they have chosen.

    Two other platforms created to match professionals with companies, available for free.

    This is definitely the biggest platform for those looking for and offering remote work, including full-time and not just project-based.

    These are the main sites similar to Fiverr, while some of the proposals available on the web are for users operating in certain market niches. 

    For example, Starbytes is a platform mainly focused on IT services and digital technologies (naming, graphics, web marketing, software development, etc.), while Twago is mainly aimed at professionals and companies operating in the programming, design and translators sector. 

    Instead for web writers there are different platforms: Textbroker, O2O, Melascrivi, etc..

    Common problems on Fiverr and how to solve them

    Samayo.org Blog Web Design SEO website creation blog e commerce Ayouni Housam content marketing 2
    1. A seller does not deliver your order on time - contact the seller to ask for an update on delivery times. From this moment you are free to contact Fiverr support and ask for a refund if the seller is not willing to solve the problem.
    2. A salesman delivered a very poor quality of work... (not as advertised.) Ask for one or more reviews, and if you're not satisfied, ask for a refund.
    3. A vendor delivered the order as promised, but you expected the work to be done differently (not as advertised.) Next time you can ask specific questions to the seller before placing an order to avoid misunderstandings.
    4. Are you annoyed that Fiverr is charging $2 more per order, even the ones that cost $5? Unfortunately, nothing can be done here, it's their pricing policy.

    Can you receive an invoice on Fiverr?

    If you are a buyer who works professionally on Fiverr, you can also receive an invoice. During the registration phase or later, in the section regarding your profile you can enter your VAT number and other information, so that every time you place an order you will receive an invoice from the platform. 

    The details of the payment and the invoice will be sent to you via email, so in conclusion we can say that Fiverr is also ideal for communication agencies, professionals and any other figure who needs to receive an invoice.

    Fiverr opinions & conclusion

    Fiver italia recensione e opinioni - come funziona fiverr - wp rocket plugin di performance e cache per wordpress - come velocizzare wordpress con wp rocket - recensione wp rocket opinioni

    Come avrai intuito, Fiverr Italia è una piattaforma ottima per trovare servizi di tantissime tipologie e grazie ad un’interfaccia intuitiva è adatta anche agli internauti meno esperti.

    Whether you are a professional looking for collaborators or a freelancer who wants to make extra money, look for new clients or a novice in the field who has decided to make his skills available to users, Fiverr is certainly the ideal platform.

    Obviously, in order to find the right freelancer for your needs or to have the opportunity to earn money, you need to carefully read the conditions of the platform, communicate with the counterpart and try to get along, just like in any other working relationship. 

    In any case, today the Italian Fiverr is a reference point for those seeking and offering services as it offers many fast, cheap and professional solutions. 

    What about you, have you tried this platform yet? 

    Tell me about your experience!

    With that said, all that remains is for me to thank you for your attention, and wish you the success you deserve.

    See you anon!

    A hug.

    Housam Ayouni - Samayo - Autore

    Housam Ayouni

    I am a Spain-based marketer who loves pizza, travel and dogs. For several years, I have been providing simple solutions to complex ideas to all my clients, developing professional websites for them that generate visits, leads and profits. My goal with this blog is to share with you everything I've learned and will learn, to help you create a professional and profitable online business.

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