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    This is an in-depth review of SEMrush, a popular SEO tool that specializes in keyword research , in competitors analysis and in theoptimization of Google Ads campaigns.

    In this article I will cover the following topics:

    1. What is SEMRush and how does it works.
    2. The pros and cons of this SEO Toolkit.
    3. How to create a free account on SEMrush and how to use it for the first time.
    4. How to find long tail keywords easily (more searched, less competitive).
    5. My opinion on SEMrush SEO and PPC features.
    6. Whether to buy a premium plan.
    7. Some free alternatives.
    8. And much more.


    Let's get started.


    How many times, when it comes to digital marketingyou hear about SEO, the SEM, search engine algorithm, keywords and many other similar terms.

    Today, it is essential for a successful marketer to know all these elements and Fully understand how search engines works.How much a site manages to be better positioned than others affects the success of a marketing campaign, the creation of the site itself, the increase in views and, therefore, potential customers and the return on investment.

    What a SEO technician, social media manager, Adwords expert and other digital marketing professionals are aiming for is to appear in user searches. 

    If this needs to find a particular product, service, company or content, it must be able to be faced with results that satisfy it and, on the other hand, lead it to perform actions that the owner of the visited site wants.

    A company's success is worth it:

    Positioning yourself first therefore proves to be the key to getting found and increasing profits.

    To do this, marketers are supported by a range of toolsoften for free or at a very friendly prices. 

    Among these, the most important is SEMrush. Ne parleremo pi√Ļ approfonditamente nel corso dell’articolo, ma per ora sappi che si tratta di un SEO toolkit really useful life-changing marketing tool.¬†

    Its main task is to help finding keywords for a site. 

    Keyword Research con SEMrush is quite intuitive, so much so that this suite is also used by less technical professionals such as copywriters, influencers, social media managers.

    In this article, I will address several points to bring you a better understanding of what SEMrush is and what exactly it is for. 

    I'll start with an explanation of how to use SEMrush to the best and its advantages (and disadvantages), to get to more practical details, such as its cost and management. 

    This article is intended to serve as a starting point to learn more about the tool's functionality and how keyword research workswhich is fundamental in a marketing strategy.

    Once you have finished reading, my wish is that you try this tool to understand its incredible potential.

    What is SEMrush?

    Semrush Reviews: platform to manage online visibility - how to do keyword research with semrush

    SEMrush is an essential tool for SEO's. More precisely, it is a set of tools, Its goal, since its creation in 2008, has been to support its user in the management of the SEO positioning.

    We'll look at that specifically later, but for now I'll mention the fact that there are other tools dedicated to improving the positioning of sites: Google Trends, for example, which shows how often a word is searched for and its correlates, or Ubersuggest which operates similarly and is totally free. 

    "Semrush, however, gives so much more from my point of view."

    While other tools focus only on a very specific function, SEMrush can do several things which we will see in more detail in the next paragraph: 

    1. helps you find keywords for a site,
    2. keeping an eye on the progress of a certain term or phrase,
    3. understand how this is indexed by Google,
    4. monitor competitors' strategies,
    5. check if other sites link to yours,
    6. generate reports and even create projects.

    In short, SEMrush is a comprehensive tool for the management of your website from the point of view of optimization and not to miss anything that the Competitors. 

    It provides not only holder in content creation, but also , in competitors analysis comprehensive on the results of marketing strategies. 

    Those who use SEMrush fully understand the potential to find new customers and track their actions and it has become indispensable for almost every marketer.

    What is SEMrush for?

    Benefits of SEO - what SEMrush is for

    ¬ęFai SEO, content marketing, ricerca sulla concorrenza, pubblicit√† online e social media marketing da un’unica piattaforma.¬Ľ

    This is the first sentence you read when you open the SEMrush HomePage. 

    "If you find a tool that allows you to do more things, our CEO (Oleg Shchegolev) will eat his hat."

    Catchy, isn't it? 

    How to use SEMrush for keyword research - SEMrush tutorial in English

    That's because SEMrush explicitly proposes itself as a pastiche of various tools such as SimilarWeb, Hootsuite and Google Trends.

    How does SEMrush work?

    Let's accept the challenge and see in several places what SEMrush can do:

    1. Increase traffic to your site grazie agli strumenti SEO, come l’analisi dell’andamento di una particolare keyword in molti stati del mondo (keyword research), trovare le parole chiave per un sito, l’analisi del profilo backlink di qualsiasi dominio, della struttura e dei contenuti di un sito (SEO audit) e del posizionamento in SERP giorno per giorno. Tutto questo attraverso facili report e infografiche, tra i pi√Ļ completi generabili da SEO tools simili a SEMrush;
    2. Create content capable of ranking high on search engines grazie alla possibilit√† di scoprire gli argomenti pi√Ļ di tendenza in un certo ambito. Ci√≤ aiuta a creare contenuti SEO friendly altamente intercettabili dal pubblico e tracciare tutte le interazioni con essi da parte degli utenti o di altri siti;
    3. Perform benchmarking activities in any field and monitor the activities of competitors. Si possono analizzare le strategie di marketing, l’andamento del traffico sui siti altrui e individuare le lacune della propria strategia;
    4. Generate PPC campaignssupporting the research of Long Tail keywords, at the lowest price and most effective, calculating advertising expenses and analyzing the campaigns on Google;
    5. Manage your social media marketing strategy., pianificando i post e gli annunci, analizzandone le prestazioni, ottimizzandoli e tenendo d’occhio ci√≤ che fanno i competitors sui social network.

    There is also a SEMrush projects section. A clear and attractive interface to monitor the contents and their progress. 

    You can decide to add your site to the project tab and control several parameters: 

    1. Social performance,
    2. Search engine performance,
    3. Brand Monitoring,
    4. Content Analyzer,
    5. Organic Traffic Insights and much more.

    To get a full sense of what SEMrush can do, you can visit the functionality.

    SEMrush features for doing keyword research with SEMrush 2 1

    It is divided into blocks as needed and contains multiple tools to accomplish a certain task. 

    It's really impressive how much this suite can do!

    I think the CEO is gonna wear the hat, you know...

    The benefits of SEMrush: pros and cons

    SEO basics - Best SEO tips for bloggers to increase blog visits - creating a blog from scratch - pros and cons of SEMrush - the benefits of using semrush to do keyword research

    The benefits of SEMrush:

    Needless to say, one of the most obvious advantages of SEMrush is its versatility. Not only does it offer multiple tools to increase the traffic and visibility of your website or social page, but they are also very powerful and effective. 

    The analyses do not leave out any detail, on the contrary, they propose a complete vision of the trend of one's online presence.

    The interface is very easy to useeven if in order to understand its contents it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of digital marketing.

    The priceas we'll see in a moment, it's really advantageous for such a comprehensive tool. In fact, only with the SEMrush Suite can you monitor the performance of your site, social media, generate content, analysis, reports on competitor activity and keyword usage.

    Disadvantages of SEMrush:

    This tool's gotta have flaws, right? 

    Well, yes, someone. 

    It's not as easy to use because of the multitude of tools it offers, and you'll need to spend some time exploring to fully understand the possibilities of SEMrush. 

    When you then become familiar with it, it becomes almost automatic to do the tasks.

    Another disadvantage is the lack of guidance for digital marketing beginners. The data SEMrush provides is a lot and there are no windows to explain what the user is reading. 

    On the other hand, the SEMrush team provides free videos, articles, and ebooks to both improve their strategies and make the best use of the suite.

    I mean, let's just say Using SEMrush requires some prior preparation.

    Free SEMrush: How to create a free SEMrush account

    How to create a free SEMrush account (1)

    It is possible to Create a free SEMrush account, although you will find some limitations in using it.

    To break through these limitations, you could opt for a free one-week demo, so you can test SEMrush's functionality and decide whether to go ahead with a subscription.

    What does SEMrush offer for free?

    1. 10 searches per day in domain and keywords analysis databases.
    2. Receive only 10 results for each.
    3. It is not possible to use the very useful Keyword Magic Tool, which we will talk about later, i.e. you cannot save a search with its results.
    4. Single project management.
    5. Scanning only 100 pages of a site.
    6. 10 units of SEO ideas per month
    7. Only 2 trend searches per topic.
    8. Download a single PDF report.

    To create an account on SEMrush, simply click here.Once you have landed on the homepage, click on Sign up, enter a valid email and password.

    Very simple!

    How to use SEMrush for the first time: a guide to using the interface

    In this paragraph you will find a step-by-step guide on how to use theSEMrush interface.

    Once you have created an account, free or paid, a fairly minimal window will appear with a few features:

    1. A search bar for keywords, URLs and domains in a specific country.
    2. A list of options on the left containing the search settings.
    3. A space where the search results will be displayed.
    4. A series of resources such as a guide, video tutorials, FAQ, in short, some material dedicated to the less experienced.
    Semrush Dashboard - semrush control panel

    As you navigate through SEMrush pages to find the information you need, the left column will always remain active.

    To start keeping an eye on the progress of your site or others that interest you, start by scrolling down the toolbar on the left (in the section Competitive research) until you reach Position tracking. 

    Position monitoring in the SEMrush seo toolkit - how to do keyword research with semrush (2)

    The main window will appear with the positioning tracker projects. Obviously, if this is the first time you are using SEMrush, nothing will appear. You then click on Create new project.

    Here you can configure the site analysis settings:

    • the domain,
    • the elements to be tracked,
    • the reference country,
    • who the competitors are,
    • connection to Google services such as Analytics,
    • what keywords are needed etc.

    SEMrush allows you to track placements for the entire domain or for individual pages. It is up to the user to choose according to their needs. 

    In addition, SEMrush is able to distinguish between the data it collects based on the device used to perform the search.

    With regard to the keyword search,SEMrush allows you to choose them in a variety of ways: 

    1. Insert them manually,
    2. Using SEMrush's keywords services, upload a file containing a list,
    3. Using data from Google tools.

    When the results are ready, they will be displayed on the main screen on the right. You can navigate through multiple options: 

    • Overview,
    • Keyword Placements,
    • Domain Comparison,
    • Competitor discovery.
    How to do keyword research how to use semrush to do keyword research 2

    Here the user will be able to check the results of the current positioning, that of the keywords and the trend of visibility over time.

    You can read all useful data related to keywords: their cost, the latest positioning and the volume of traffic they manage to attract.

    In a separate graph, the user can read the trend of his site in comparison with that of the other sites. Competitorsanalysis wise, SEMrush offers a very useful tool that is Competitors Discovery, which can track down those sites that are semantically similar to your own and compare them.

    Finding keywords for a site: search for Long Tail keywords, more searched, less competitive

    SEO Basics - Best SEO Tips for Bloggers to Increase Blog Visits

    Long Tail keyword search is based on the assumption that they are less sought after, and therefore present less competition, but are equally effective in getting found. They are niche keywordsI mean. 

    These are not single words, but phrases consisting of three or four terms that users might search for to make their search more specific. 

    Often, in fact, they use generic words that present a lot of competition, while other times they rely on more specific long tail keywords without even realizing it and doing a big favor to marketers.

    "Web content that uses long tail keywords is more likely to be found because the keywords are more specific.¬Ľ

    They also have a higher conversion rate because they target a niche, a small group of people who are specifically looking for that service or product because they need it.

    Read also: 17 SEO tips to improve your search engine rankings.

    How to do long tail keyword research through SEMrush? 

    How to find long tail keywords with semrush

    Easy! Thanks to your analysis tool.

    Let's take an example: we are photographers who want to sell their services, we live in Rome and we specialize in weddings.

    If you search for "photographer" on SEMrush, billions of results pop up.

    Research long tail keywords for a website with semrush - tutorial (1)

    In the table that appears, containing the results of the search, you can see how the volume of traffic (Global Volume, Italy) attracted by this word is huge, as well as its appearance among the trends of the moment. 

    Also, this is of interest to those who deal with paid ads, the cost per click (CPC) of this word is high because the competition is at its highest. 

    Let us therefore try to be more specific: search for "photographer Rome" and we see that the values are lowered, since the search excludes photographers from Lombardy, Piedmont or Sicily. 

    Semrush Italy Tutorial - How to use the semrush seotoolkit (1)

    Increasing, then, the specificity, we insert "photographers in Rome for weddings".

    The search gets even more precise: In fact, it excludes not only photographers from the rest of Italy, but also users who do not need to immortalize a wedding. 

    If a person needs a photographer to enrich their site with professional product images, they won't need us.

    Semrush control panel - How to use semrush for the first time (1)

    So, "wedding photographer in Rome" can be a good long tail keyword to start with. 

    SEMrush, however, does more: thanks to the phrase matching tool (related keywords), terms that are directly linked to and contain the main keyword are proposed. 

    This helps you find a highly searched long tail keyword, but with a reasonable cost per click.

    Finding keywords for a site with SEMrush Magic Tool

    Keywords magic tool by SEMrush is a very powerful tool for Long Tail keyword research, which draws from a huge database of keywords and provides a lot of useful data about them. 

    It is widely used not only by both marketing and technical experts, but also by bloggers and influencers: 

    Keyword research with SEMrush Magic Tool becomes really easy and intuitive.

    Let's see together how to use SEMrush Magic Tool and find keywords for a site efficiently and inexpensively.

    To use it, just select it from the left column and start your search by entering the keyword you want to monitor. 

    In the resulting table, related keywords will appear, either by generic match, phrase match, exact match, related match, or based on questions asked about the keyword. 

    Keyword Magic Tool tutorial by semrush italia (1)

    At this point, the user can filter them according to their needs, such as through the SERP feature that excludes those words that will go into the SERP snippet, which will be previewed in Google search results.

    The resulting keywords are grouped into clusters, types and queries so that the user can navigate well through the results and find the keywords that best suit his needs. You can read more here: 

    1. the volume of traffic each keyword attracts,
    2. its cost per click,
    3. the research volume,
    4. the keyword density 
    5. the difficulty of the keyword.
    How to use semrush italy for the first time - Semrush tutorial and review (1)

    Perhaps these last two terms are not well known to everyone:

    keyword difficulty indicates how difficult it is for it to outperform competitors in the top 20 Google resultswhile the density indicates the level of competition between different advertisers targeting that particular keyword.

    The best performing keywords can be added to the tool keyword analyzer to get more detailed information (just click on any keyword to do so). 

    Or you can select multiple keywords and add them to a list.

    Once you have selected the most relevant ones, you can move them to the Keywords Manager and create a list of keywords that are useful for your purposes.

    How to do keyword research to improve positioning on google and all search engines 1

    The beauty of SEMrush's Keywords Magic tool, which the free version of the program does not offer, is the ability to archive the history of research and retrieve it when needed. 

    Long tail keyword research with semrush italia - semrush review and opinions

    When you retrieve an old search you have done, you are faced with all the keywords that were of interest and the information about their performance is up to date.

    SEMrush Pricing

    Semrush plans and prices - how much does semrush pro cost (1)

    Like I said, you have free access to SEMrushalthough with very limited functionality.

    To take advantage of all of SEMrush's convenient tools, it's a good idea to activate one of three paid packages:

    Pros: at a cost of 119.95$ per month. Suitable for freelancers, startups and in-house marketers on a budget. 


    You can access 10,000 results for reports, request up to 3,000 per day, manage up to 5 projects, track 500 keywords, analyze up to 100,000 total pages per month, monitor 50 social profiles, generate 5 preset reports.


    No content marketing platform tools are included in this plan.

    It is a formula designed for those who do not have special monitoring needs or who own a small company. It is suitable for those who are only interested in traffic sources, rankings, social media results and basic activities of competitors.

    Guruis priced at 229.95$ per month. Designed for small and medium-sized businesses and growing marketing agencies. You can access 30,000 results for reports, request up to 5,000 per day, track 1,000 keywords each month and also allows you to compare histories. 


    With this plan, you can also: manage a maximum of 15 projects, track 1500 keywords, understand which ones are most cannibalized, analyze up to 300,000 pages in total per month, monitor 100 social profiles, generate 20 preset reports. 


    This option gives you access to very useful content marketing tools, including: 


    1. Topic research,
    2. SEO writing assistant,
    3. SEO content template,
    4. Content audit,
    5. Tools to track posts and verify plagiarism.


    Also, a very useful option, this package allows you to transfer the collected data through another SEO suite and work on it without losing it.

    SEMrush Business plan isat a cost of 449.95$ per month. For agencies, e-commerce projects and businesses with a significant online presence. This package, unlike the previous ones, does not include a free version. 


    You can access 50,000 results for reports, ask for up to 10,000 per day, track 5,000 keywords each month and it also allows you to compare histories. 


    In addition to the other plans, the Business includes the analysis of ads with product sheets, very useful to optimize your campaigns on Adwords. 


    With this plan, you can also: manage a maximum of 40 projects, track 5000 keywords, understand which are the most cannibalized, calculate the percentage of traffic to the domain, as a ratio between traffic received and the sum of the volumes of keywords tracked, analyze up to a million pages in total per month, monitor 300 social profiles, generate 50 preset reports. 


    You can also request another user's access to your SEMrush account in order to gather the necessary information. 


    This package also includes an additional upgrade in terms of actions you can take in the content marketing part. 


    Finally, it allows you to take advantage of data from third parties and access other APIs.

    Should I buy a SEMrush Premium plan?

    Web designer salary - how much does a web designer earn - siteground prices -

    Certainly, SEMrush is a tool that can greatly improve your site and help it rank better. 

    However, you don't need to buy the most expensive packages to enjoy more benefits if you don't use them. 

    Before purchasing, you should assess your needs and, if you find it useful to choose a less expensive and comprehensive option, then you could also opt for tools other than SEMrush (discussed in the next section).

    SEMrush has designed offerings to suit every need, from the blogger who doesn't need to track as many words and pages to the marketing agency who does it for a living. 

    For this type of business that needs as much data as possible to better manage their strategies or those of their customers, then it is worth carefully considering purchasing SEMrush's premium plan. 

    They are really complete instruments, perhaps among the best in terms of finding keywords for a site and monitor the positioning of this.

    If you think SEMrush is too expensive, complicated, or has tools you pay for but don't use, then it's a good idea to get some information on some good ones. alternatives.

    Free alternatives to SEMrush

    importance and benefits of SEO

    Although when you think of an optimal tool for SEO you immediately go and mention SEMrush, there are other very effective alternatives, some free, some cheap, let's see them briefly together:

    1. Google Trends

    How not to consider Google Trends in the first place? 

    Sure, it doesn't provide all of SEMrush's search data, but it still allows you to monitor your keywords, understand what customers are searching for, for how long, how often, and is very useful for better organizing your editorial plan. 

    It is mostly used by copywriters, influencers, bloggers and content creators. It is very useful for this kind of work or for quick and easy keyword research.

    2. Keywordseverywhere

    Keywordseverywhere is an extension that can provide keyword and traffic data. 

    It's really simple to install and allows you to monitor several items:

    1. The average number of total searches people have performed for a keyword in the last 12 months,
    2. the cost per click of the keyword,
    3. the use competitors make of it for their Google ads and search trends.

    This tool (once free) has a particular payment method:

    With 10$ you buy 100,000 credits and each one is worth a keyword.

    Not bad for those who need to track a few items but many keywords.

    3. Answer the public

    Answer the public is a great tool for long tail keyword research. 

    It's great for understanding user search trends and search intent: in fact, it's able to sift through every useful phrase and question people ask pertaining to the keyword of interest. 

    Its graphics are interesting, especially when it comes to searching for questions. 

    If, for example, you search for "photographer", not only do related searches come up (photographer's assistant), but also a series of questions (how does a photographer work?), phrases with prepositions (photographer with studio, photographer near Rome), with comparisons (photographer or filmmaker, photographer like Steve McCurry).

    A great tool for finding topic ideas to include in an article.

    Video tutorial by SEMrush Italy

    Above I have attached 4 excellent tutorials of the SEMrush Italy Youtube channel.

    These videos cover the main functions of the different sections of SEMrush, and are a great starting point for learning how to use the tool.

    FAQ about SEMrush

    Semrush support - alternatives to semrush - how semrush works
    1. Keyword research for the site,
    2. Competitor analysis,
    3. Enhance your content marketing strategy through data driven solutions,
    4. Focus on what makes the site localized,
    5. Focus on one target audience,
    6. Analyze social media,
    7. Analyze the positioning of the site.

    SEMrush offers the creation of a free account, but very limited. Prices are:

    1. 119,95$,
    2. 229,95$ 
    3. 449,95$.

    The plans are also customisable and monthly charges are automatic.

    SEMrush also offers a 7-day money back guarantee after package activation.

    To request a refund, simply email [email protected] or use the contact form on the SEMrush website.¬†

    The important thing is to request a refund within 7 days of enrollment, first charge or renewal.

    Projects may be retrieved within 30 days of the cancellation request.

    SEMrush has a Customer Success Team of 100 people, each of whom can help you solve or even train in a different area.

    In addition, SEMrush offers a series of free downloadable guides to help resolve any doubts that users may have or even those who want to acquire new marketing skills.


    how to start a blog and create a website to earn money online - become a blogger

    SEMrush is the most comprehensive traffic, keyword and competitor analysis tool available..

    It is constantly updated with the development of new tools to support even the most experienced professionals in the construction of their marketing strategy.

    Ranking high on search engines is essential and is the secret to consolidating your online presence and attracting the desired customers without wasting energy and money. 

    To be an excellent technician SEO is not enough. 

    You need a tool that can provide all the information you need to monitor the performance of your business and understand how to improve your marketing strategies.

    SEMrush is certainly a feature-rich tool, more so than any other tool. 

    However, it is fair to consider that SEMrush alone will not improve your site's ranking: you have to have all the necessary technical knowledge and don't misjudge the tool if the results aren't what you want. 

    For more complex business projects it is always good to seek advice from a marketing expert. 

    If, on the other hand, you have a blog or a small online store, then SEMrush in its basic version is great even for those without technical knowledge.

    Having said this last thing, it only remains for me to thank you for your attention.

    Also, if you have decided to try SEMrush, please do so through one of the buttons on this page.

    See you next time!

    A hug.


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