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16 Advantages and Benefits of SEO: The Importance of SEO for a Website

Benefits of seo - advantages of seo - importance of seo
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    Anyone remotely familiar with digital marketing knows that they should optimize their content for search engines and use SEO.

    The benefits of SEO are many, and in most cases, its proper use is the key to success for many online businesses.

    But why, how exactly can SEO help your business/blog?

    Questo articolo ti aiuterà a capire i principali vantaggi della SEO in modo da farti un’idea di quanto sia realmente importante per il tuo business.

    The following are the 15 great SEO benefits you can enjoy if you use the right tactics:

    1. SEO gives you more visibility

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    One of the most obvious benefits of SEO is that it increases your website's visibility in search engines by improving your ranking. 

    Poiché la SEO comporta l’ottimizzazione dei contenuti in loco con parole chiave rilevanti che ricevono molte ricerche (e bassa concorrenza), migliora il tuo posizionamento nelle pagine dei risultati di ricerca per quelle parole chiave.

    This makes your website more visible to searchers, which can further yield its benefits.

    2. SEO increases organic traffic

    The main advantages and benefits of SEO

    Another great benefit of SEO is something I've experienced myself. SEO, when implemented correctly, can significantly increase your organic traffic.

    As mentioned earlier, increase your visibility in search results so that you increase your chances of driving more people to your site.

    Between 2019 and 2020, I was able to get an exceptional increase in organic traffic to my website. 

    Articles I've written on my dog blog Thecollienois.com received 244,277 page views from 91,413 new visitors.

    All of this traffic is completely free (thanks Google!).

    Growth organic traffic thecollienois.com (1) - advantages and benefits of SEO

    But I'm not the only one who has experienced traffic growth through SEO. 

    Siege Media, for example, has passed from zero visitors to 100,000 visitors in one year by implementing an effective SEO strategy.

    3. SEO traffic is highly relevant to your business/niche

    Advantages and benefits of SEO

    Not all traffic is equal!

    To get results and scale your business you need traffic that is made up of an audience that is interested and highly relevant to your niche.

    Visitors who find you through search results visit your website because they were actively looking for something. And your site was among the top results for their search.

    So they don't visit your website just for the sake of it. They're there because they're looking for something.

    Whether they're looking for information or products to buy, there's a good chance they'll find them on your site.

    E se hai svolto un buon lavoro di scrittura, sarai anche in grado di convertire un semplice visitatore in un cliente.

    4. SEO improves the user experience

    Why SEO is important for a website - importance of seo

    One of the biggest benefits of SEO is that it enhances the user experience and helps you make a positive and lasting impression on the right audience.

    What do I mean by user experience?

    This phrase encompasses the user's overall engagement with your product and/or service.

    It includes your audience's overall experience with your website and its content.

    As mentioned in the previous point, SEO connects you with people who are looking for information relevant to your products or content.

    Because your website contains information relevant to what they're looking for, it's bound to have a positive impact on their experience.

    In addition to this, SEO involves other tactics to improve the user experience, such as developing an easy-to-navigate interface, optimizing page load speed, and using a mobile-friendly setup (optimizing for all mobile devices).

    This all helps to improve the experience of people visiting your site, and this will have its own positive benefits.

    For example, it will lead to higher engagement rates on your site and this will further boost your search engine rankings.

    5. SEO improves engagement rates

    cosa sono le Power words - le parole potenti nel copywriting - il potere delle parole persuasive - Che cos'è la SEO - Vantaggi della SEO per un sito web - che cos'è il Social media marketing -

    An improved user experience for a highly relevant audience means only one thing:

    Visitors will spend more time on your site.

    Why is user engagement important?

    High user engagement is associated with an increase in ROI (return on investment) and a decrease in bounce rate.

    When visitors relate to your product, then it means they connect more with your brand.

    Since your blog is easy to navigate and you have the kind of information they're looking for, they're likely to relate to your content in more depth.

    This significantly improves the average duration per session of visitors on your site, which results in higher engagement and conversions.

    6. SEO guarantees a higher click-through rate (CTR)

    importance and benefits of SEO

    How does SEO lead to a higher Click Through Rate (CTR)?

    Increased visibility and relevance in search results (top 4 positions) will also produce a better click-through rate - another important benefit of SEO.

    There is evidence to suggest that the higher you are in search results, the more clicks you get on your website.

    Secondo un’analisi di Advanced Web Ranking, la posizione in cima alla classifica dei risultati di ricerca ottiene un tasso di click significativamente più alto sia per le ricerche desktop che per quelle mobili.

    The top position generates a CTR (click through rate) of 37.84% on desktop and 23.59% on mobile.

    One of the Benefits of seo is a higher click-through rate (ctr) for the top 3 positions on search engines (1)

    The CTR gradually drops along with a drop in search position, suggesting that there is a correlation between a higher ranking and a higher click-through rate.

    Would you like to dominate the first page of google with your content?

    But know that without thorough keyword research and a detailed analysis of your competitors, it's almost impossible to achieve this goal.

    Competition is fierce, and it's increasingly difficult to rank on search engines for certain keywords.

    Quindi, come trovare parole chiave (bassa competizione) per cui è facile posizionarsi?

    There is no single answer to this question, and I don't want to get off topic either.

    Let's say there are many ways, as well as SEO tools to use.

    SEMrush is the tool I use, highly recommend, and has helped me bring nearly 100,000 new visitors to my dog training blog.

    Semrush permette di:

    1. Ricercare parole chiave da utilizzare nel tuo piano editoriale
    2. Find your competitors/competitors.
    3. Analyze in detail the websites of your competitors
    4. Find out which of your pages/articles (or those of your competitors) perform best.
    5. Generate a report containing all SEO errors on your site,
    6. Monitor the positioning of your keywords on search pages
    7. Analyze in detail your market niche and find new opportunities
    8. Lots of other wonderful features.

    7. SEO generates quality leads 

    importance of seo for a website and blog

    Come discusso nei punti precedenti, i benefici della SEO comprendono l’attrazione di un pubblico altamente rilevante per il tuo sito e il miglioramento della loro esperienza.

    Because the traffic you're attracting is made up of people who might be interested in your products and/or services, you also have a better chance of converting them.

    This means that by attracting high-quality leads through your SEO efforts, the conversion rate on your site will be higher.

    8. SEO helps increase sales

    Sales Funnel - Che cos’è un funnel di vendita - la SEO aumenta le vendite di un business - benefici e importanza della seo

    Il bello di tutti questi benefici della SEO è che sono in qualche modo interconnessi. Un beneficio si trasforma in un beneficio diverso e così via.

    So, even from the sales aspect, SEO improves your performance, because as I mentioned earlier, it helps you attract visitors who are relevant to your niche and who might be interested in your products and/or services.

    9. Organic results get more clicks than PPC ads

    Significato CTA: Che cos’è una call to action? - benefici della seo per un blog e sito web

    Search ads (paid PPC advertising) are much more prominent on search results pages in Google's eyes (because they pay of course!).

    So the common assumption is that they will get more clicks than organic search results.

    Not really!

    According to powertraffic.com, the top three paid ads get a click-through rate of 41%. 

    However, organic results beat PPC ads.

    Even though these ads have some impact on a website's traffic and click-through rate, people still prefer to click on organic search results.

    Even though PPC ads appear above organic positions, 71.33% of searches lead to a click on an organic result on the first page and not a PPC ad.

    It's hard to say why, although the most logical explanation is that users trust Google's algorithm. They know what positions advertisers are paying for, and choose instead to visit the pages that the search engine has determined to be the best.

    Of course, this is just a guess.

    But regardless of the reasoning, the fact is that most clicks for a given search go to an organic result.

    10. SEO helps reduce the cost of acquisition (CPA)

    the 16 main advantages of seo

    Uno dei maggiori benefici della SEO è che aiuta a ridurre i costi.

    Once you've made the initial investment (writing and optimizing content), you won't have to pay ongoing fees for the organic traffic you're attracting to your website.

    This is very different from PPC, which involves ongoing expenses as you will have to pay for every click on your ad.

    In fact, PPC ads on Google will cost you an average of $1 to $2 per click, according to a WordStream case study.

    But thanks to SEO, you won't have to pay for every click and every visitor you drive to your site.

    Just make an initial investment in funds and effort, but with no ongoing cost. This significantly reduces your cost per acquisition.

    11. SEO produces long-term results

    Benefits of SEO - what SEMrush is for

    One of the most notable benefits of SEO is the fact that it produces long-term results.

    As mentioned in the previous point, you make an initial investment in terms of funds, time and effort.

    After that, you can enjoy the long-term benefits without the need to make additional investments.

    SEO takes about 6-12 months to really move you up in the organic rankings.

    But once you're there, it's hard to go back unless you make some serious mistakes or your competitors redouble their efforts.

    If it weren't for the constant checking and monitoring of your search page rankings, you wouldn't have to make much extra effort to continue enjoying these SEO benefits.

    This is an important difference from PPC, which provides quick but short-term results.

    In this case, your traffic and sales will drop the moment you stop paying for your ads, unless you also invest in SEO.

    12. SEO helps you keep up with the competition 

    importance of seo for a digital business

    SEO is something that every marketer feels is important, which means your competitors use it too.

    This means that adopting an effective SEO strategy helps you keep up with the competition.

    So even if it's too much of a challenge to get ahead of the competition, at least you won't be left behind.

    In other words, SEO helps you close the gap between you and your competitors.

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    13. SEO can be measured and monitored

    Importance of SEO for an online business

    Uno dei principali benefici della SEO è la possibilità di monitorare e misurare i propri sforzi.

    With Google Analytics and a series of other analysis tools, you can measure a website's page views, conversions, and traffic sources.

    How can you find out the sources of your traffic?

    Traffic sources are listed in a report that you get from Google Analytics. The report informs you about the different types of sources that send traffic to your website.

    Alternatively, you can calculate your conversion rate by taking the number of conversions, dividing the number by the total number of visitors and multiplying by 100%.

    Conversion rate = (conversions / total visitors) * 100%

    So you'll have a better idea of which keywords, channels and efforts are most valuable to you.

    This is important because you will better understand where to focus your efforts and investments.

    14. SEO integrates with other marketing processes

    benefits of seo

    Un altro dei principali benefici della SEO è che non è una strategia a sé stante. Si integra molto bene con gli altri processi di marketing online.

    Which means you can align them with each other.

    I tuoi interventi di content marketing, web design e social media marketing influenzano in qualche modo la SEO.

    So, if you know how to properly align all of these efforts, your time, effort, and costs are significantly reduced.

    You won't have to spend twice as much on something that serves two purposes.

    Ad esempio, il content marketing implica la produzione di contenuti di qualità, che è anche un requisito necessario per la SEO.

    Come up with content ideas based on relevant and highly searched keywords. And as you develop your content, make sure to optimize it with a target keyword (Focus Keyword).

    In questo modo, otterrai due risultati: sviluppare contenuti per il content marketing e ottimizzare la tua pagina per le parole chiave.

    15. SEO encourages local users to visit the physical store after search

    outbound marketing - vantaggio della SEO per un blog

    After doing a local search, there is a high inclination from customers to visit the physical store.

    For example, an internet user types the keyword "Best seafood restaurant in Milan" into the search engine. The search engine will then show a variety of options. 

    Next, the user will "physically" visit their top choice and become a customer of that restaurant.

    One particular study confirms this, stating that 78% of shoppers conduct their research online before going to the store and making the purchase on the spot.

    16. SEO generates and reinforces a brand's credibility

    The pros of SEO - search engine optimization for an online business

    Ranking first, second or third on search engines can suggest to your customers that you are a major player in the industry.

    This shows that you are popular and many users have researched you as well.

    On the other hand, customers might think you're not yet known or that you're a new player in the industry if you're at the bottom of the search engine results.

    It can also lead some clients to think that you don't have enough resources to optimize/promote your website, and thus get better search engine results.


    Questi sono alcuni dei principali vantaggi della SEO di cui ogni azienda può godere.

    All these benefits of SEO will result in exponential long-term growth for your business and strengthen your credibility in the industry.

    As you can see, many of these SEO benefits are somewhat related to each other and you can implement two or more of them in one action.

    Do you know of any other benefits of SEO that I didn't cover in this post?

    Share your thoughts in the comments below and thanks for your attention.

    See you anon!

    A hug.

    Housam Ayouni - Samayo - Autore

    Housam Ayouni

    I am a Spain-based marketer who loves pizza, travel and dogs. For several years, I have been providing simple solutions to complex ideas to all my clients, developing professional websites for them that generate visits, leads and profits. My goal with this blog is to share with you everything I've learned and will learn, to help you create a professional and profitable online business.

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