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    This is a super in-depth guide to Siteground, a highly regarded "Premium" hosting provider that has earned the reputation of being the best.

    But is it all true? And why does everyone recommend it?

    In this article (full of screenshots) I will analyze this provider in detail and cover the following topics:

    1. What is hosting, what is it for and how does it work,
    2. The main features, pros and cons of this web hosting provider
    3. How to buy hosting and a domain with Siteground
    4. How to transfer your hosting to Siteground with a plugin
    5. How to install WordPress on Siteground with 2 clicks
    6. How to create a personalized email
    7. How to install an SSL certificate (green padlock next to the domain name)
    8. E molti altri consigli da un web designer che lo utilizza da anni.


    Let's get started.

    The web is teeming with platforms that offer services of WordPress hosting and similar services of all kinds, but if on one hand the wide choice allows users to select the best service for their needs, on the other hand the countless proposals can be confusing and you may run into some situation that does not reflect the promises displayed in the search phase.

    It is therefore essential to assess well every company that offers hosting services and rely only on those who have a good reputation and can meet our real needs from every point of view. 

    One of the companies that stands out more and more for the high quality and innovative proposals offered is SiteGround, so today let's delve into this company from every angle and analyze every detail.

    If you are also looking for a quality WordPress hosting but you don't know which proposal is right for you, keep reading because SiteGround will amaze you with the services it can offer.

    What is WordPress hosting?

    How to choose a hosting to create a website - siteground review

    If you're just now approaching the world of the web, you have a business that you want to exploit through the web but you're not familiar with the language and tools in this virtual world you're probably wondering what is a WordPress hosting, what it's for and why you should care!

    We can define WordPress hosting as a web space optimized specifically to be able to meet the needs of WordPress security and performance very well.

    Generally, WordPress hosting services such as those offered by SiteGround, in addition to providing users with this virtual space just mentioned also include the installation of the WordPress platform with a simple click and other services that facilitate the use, such as automatic updates and much more.

    In addition a WordPress hosting can be both managed and shared and, as you will see later SiteGround has thought of every need so it provides different packages consisting of several useful services.

    Why is SiteGround the best hosting for WordPress with Italian support?

    recensione Hostinger - siteground opinioni - come usare siteground site tools

    SiteGround enjoys lots of positive reviews by users and is currently considered the best hosting for WordPress. This is because it offers services of the highest quality with unique features at an affordable price.

    Siteground opinions - review and tutorial of siteground -

    Opened in Bulgaria in 2004 by some university students, SiteGround today has 500 employees and manages about 2 million domains.

    Over the years, this company has constantly improved the services it offers, a feature that has allowed it to grow and become one of the most innovative companies in the industry, but if we are to focus on why SiteGround is considered to be the best WordPress hosting in Italy we can say that this merit is mainly due to the following factors:

    1. Support is always active in Italian and available via phone, chat and email.
    2. Packages available for every need at competitive prices.
    3. Top-level functionality and performance.
    4. Constant updates that improve and make the services offered more and more advanced.

    Basically, on the current market SiteGround stands out in every respect and its reputation is now known to users all over the world. 

    Choose SiteGround as your WordPress hosting is certainly suitable if you want to count on innovative services, an intuitive platform and advanced features that integrate seamlessly with additional apps and services, even external ones.

    SiteGround specifications

    Review siteground opinions - how to buy hosting and domain on siteground

    At this point let's see in detail what are the specifications of SiteGround, analyzing the various features available and the peculiarities that distinguish this innovative hosting.

    1. SiteGround does not limit visitors to your site. Regardless of the package you choose, SiteGround will not limit the number of visitors your site can receive. Obviously, if you have more than 100,000 monthly visitors for example, it is advisable to choose an appropriate plan as a shared site may be inadequate, limited.
      However, the fact that there are no limits in this respect is a very good feature because generally competitors put very precise conditions regarding the number of visitors that can visit the sites, according to the chosen packages.
    2. Domain registration is free of charge. Again, no matter which package you choose, if you want to register a new domain and you decide to do it with SiteGround, know that the first year you don't pay for the registration, while from the second year onwards the annual price is currently 13.95 euros/month.
    3. You have email account and unlimited databases.
    4. SiteGround has its own caching system and SSD drives.
    5. There's the money back guarantee valid for 30 days.
    6. Support is available 24 hours a day via phone, email or chat.
    7. It's easy to use. Siteground has a very intuitive interface and is ideal even for those who are not very familiar.
    8. You can install numerous applications quickly and easily.
    9. There is no limit for data transfer.
    10. You can create several FTP accounts and secure SFTP; FTP and SSH connections are available.
    11. SiteGround servers are located on 4 continents: USA, Europe, Australia and Singapore.
    12. To ensure maximum security SiteGround isolates all accounts, you can also enable additional features yourself to increase the security of your site.
    13. To ensure maximum speed SiteGround uses only SSD disks high speed, and the caching system that is also available for dynamic content means that the speed increases even further.
    14. The backup runs every day.There are also different options for accessing copies if you choose the GrowBig or GoGeek package.
    15. There is the possibility of integrate CloudFlare with just one click.
    16. A dedicated service for migration If you do not know how to proceed with the migration of your site or do not have time to do so, you can delegate this task to an expert provided by SiteGround who will perform the migration in a professional manner for only €24.
    17. You can count on many advanced features.
    18. Excellent uptime (almost of the 100%).

    These are the main features of the services made available by SiteGround, but as you will see below, each package has many other peculiarities designed and offered by SiteGround to guarantee each user all the necessary functionality to be compatible with their needs.

    SiteGround pricing and hosting costs

    Web designer salary - how much does a web designer earn - siteground prices -

    Now that you know the various features of the services offered by SiteGround we can move on to analyzing the prices and costs that you face by going for a WordPress hosting offered by SiteGround.

    As mentioned above, if you decide to open a new domain through SiteGround you will not have to pay for the first year, but after that, the annual price is €13.95.

    Instead, for hosting prices vary depending on the plan you choose, additional services are also based on other factors. 

    Mainly the plans offered by SiteGround are 3:

    1. StartUp- 5.99 euro/month.
    2. GrowBig- 9.99 euro/month.
    3. GoGeek- 13.99 euros/month.

    The prices listed above for each package are valid for the first period of the contract, so for example, if you decide to sign a contract for 12 months, the respective price is valid for 12 months, ditto if you decide to sign the contract for 24 months, etc..

    Later, if you decide to renew the contract, the price you will pay will again vary according to the plan you choose:

    1. StartUp: 12.99 euros/month.
    2. GrowBig: $22.99/month.
    3. GoGeek: €34.99/month.

    These are the prices currently charged by SiteGround, but during certain periods these rates may vary and thanks to numerous offers that are put in place regularly you can take advantage of discounts and promotions (black friday, cyber monday).

    Ad esempio, sottoscrivendo i piani per un anno intero e pagando l’intera cifra subito, di solito permette di risparmiare rispetto a quando si paga mensilmente. Inoltre possono esserci anche offerte per eventuali servizi aggiuntivi, ecc.

    In addition to shared hosting, other services are also available:

    1. Cloud hosting: Very high performance cloud platform, starting from 64.00 euro/month.
    2. Dedicated hosting: Fully managed premium servers at 219 euros/month.

    The above prices are exclusive of VAT.

    The different SiteGround hosting plans

    SiteGround - Best hosting to create a website - how to earn money online with a blog (1) (1)

    Now that you also know the various prices let's see in detail what services are included in the various hosting plans, who they are suitable for and other similar information.

    Ideal for those who need to manage a single website of small or medium size, StartUp is the solution offered by SiteGround that can meet different needs.


    1. Suitable for managing 1 website
    2. 10 GB of available web space
    3. Ideal for websites with up to 10,000 visits per month
    4. Unlimited data transfer
    5. Free SSL
    6. Free domain
    7. Daily backup
    8. Free CDN
    9. Managed WordPress
    10. Free email account
    11. Unlimited MySQL databases
    12. Balanced renewable energy at 100%
    13. 30-day money back guarantee.

    If you need to manage multiple websites, your visits are more than 10,0000 per month and you need more than 10 GB of space this plan might be the right one for you.




    1. Multiple websites
    2. 20 GB of available web space
    3. Ideal for sites with up to 25,000 visits per month
    4. Free domain
    5. Unlimited data transfer
    6. Free SSL
    7. Free CDN
    8. Daily backup
    9. Free email account
    10. Unlimited MySQL databases
    11. Managed WordPress
    12. Balanced renewable energy at 100%
    13. 30-day money back guarantee.
    14. Advanced On Demand Backup
    15. Staging
    16. Dynamic data caching
    17. Possibility to add collaborators.

    Comprehensive and designed specifically for those who need to manage multiple websites with visits of up to 100,000 visits, this plan is a perfect solution for very large websites.



    1. Ideal for multiple websites
    2. 40 GB of web space
    3. Good for 100,000 monthly visits
    4. Free domain
    5. Unlimited data transfer
    6. Daily backup
    7. Free CDN
    8. Free SSL
    9. Managed WordPress
    10. Unlimited MySQL databases
    11. Free email account
    12. Dynamic data caching
    13. Advanced On Demand Backup
    14. Staging
    15. Creating Git Repositories
    16. The highest level of resources
    17. White label site management
    18. Possibility to add collaborators
    19. Advanced Priority Care

    Built on Linux containers, SiteGround's cloud platform was built 3 years ago and since then this service has grown steadily.


    Ideal for large websites or for those who simply need more web space than their plan allows, this service can be configured independently and also has an auto-scaling feature that allows you to automatically add resources as needed.


    Divided into 3 different packages that aim to accommodate any need, SiteGround cloud hosting is a service that has unique features regardless of the plan you choose.


    Features and pricing of SiteGround Cloud hosting plans


    Entry: 3 CPU Cores, 6 GB of memory, 40 GB of disk space, 5 TB of data transfer. Price: 64 euros excluding VAT.


    Business: 4 CPU Cores, 8 GB memory, 60 GB disk space, 5 TB data transfer. Price: 96 euros/month (excl. VAT).


    Business Plus: 5 CPU Cores, 10 GB memory, 80 GB disk space, 5 TB data transfer. Price: 128 euros per month, excluding VAT.

    For whom SiteGround hosting is suitable

    siteground review opinions -

    Given the many solutions made available by SiteGround I can say that the hosting offered by this innovative company is suitable for anyone wishing to have their website, blog or forum hosted on a reliable platforminnovative and always in step with the times.

    Whether you have a simple blog Whether you have your own e-commerce store or you need to manage several medium or large sites, with SiteGround you will have no problem running your business in the best possible way.

    Thanks to the many specific features offered with each plan and to the Italian assistance always available by phone, email or chat, for any misunderstanding you can refer to competent staff ready to help you and take your site to the next level of functionality.

    In addition, the presence of the servers in various parts of the world is a unique feature that helps you to greatly improve the user experience, ensuring a faster and faster loading speed, so theSiteGround hosting is the ideal solution for any need.

    How to Buy Hosting And Domain on Siteground - Video Tutorial

    This short video shows you how to buy hosting and domain for the first time on Siteground, how to install WordPress with one click and also how to install an SSL certificate.

    How to transfer a site from another hosting to SiteGround? Blog Web Design SEO search engine optimization content marketing web hosting cheap Ayouni Housam 128

    If you are fascinated by all the features and services offered by SiteGround and have decided to transfer your existing website to SiteGround, you will find a simple guide below on how to do this quickly and easily.

    Use SiteGround Migrator: Generate the migration token in the site tools.

    This is an innovative plugin that generates a token (a series of numbers and letters) that will allow you to securely transfer your site.

    To generate the token you need to log into SiteGround's "Site Tools, enter the WordPress section and click on "Migration".

    migration with siteground reviews- siteground migrator tutorial (1)

    From the drop-down menu choose the domain and if you want to add the subfolder you want to use to upload your site, then click on "Generate". 

    Siteground reviews - how to use siteground migrator (1)

    You should now see a unique code to use for the transfer. Click on copy because you will need it in the next step.

    Siteground reviews - how to use siteground migrator - (1)

    2. Go to the SiteGround Migrator installation

    To install SiteGround Migrator go to the site you want to transfer, log into your WordPress dashboard and go to the section of the Plugin

    Click on "Add New", then in the search bar search for SiteGround Migrator. Install and activate.

    How to install siteground migrator on a wordpress site 1

    3. Enter the generated token and start the transfer procedure

    In the menu present in the WordPress bulletin board go to SG Migrator and then enter the token. 

    How to install siteground migrator on a wordpress site to make a migration from one hosting to'another

    Check if the email address where you will receive the notification of the transfer is correct and then start.

    How to install siteground migrator on a wordpress site - siteground italian tutorial

    4. Finish the transfer

    If, as in the picture below, you see on the plugin screen the words "Transfer completed successfully!" or you receive an email notification of the successful transfer, it means that the operation was successful.

    How to transfer a site from one hosting to siteground - siteground migrator tutorial (1)

    You will also receive a temporary URL valid for 48 hours that will allow you to access your site and check that everything is in order. If everything is in order you will have to change the DNS so that your domain points to the new site.

    Are you unfamiliar or do you not have time to perform this operation? 

    "Don't worry, SiteGround has a solution for this as well."

    Professional migration from the siteground team

    After choosing the hosting plan that interests you and after completing the purchase, through the login information you will receive by email you can go to the User Area and from the "Go to Support Center" ask that there is a professional to perform the transfer.

    Basically, click on "Go to Service Center" and then...

    Siteground review - how to use siteground site tools (1)

    ... click on "Contact Us".

    Review siteground opinions - how to use siteground (1)

    Select the "Advanced Technical Support" item and then click on "Site Transfer".

    How to use siteground how to transfer hosting to siteground from another provider 2

    Now select the domain you want to transfer your website to and then click on "Manual transfer managed by our team".

    Compila i dati richiesto ed un professionista si occuperà del trasferimento. Costo del trasferimento: 24 euro (una volta era Gratis!).

    How to transfer a domain to SiteGround

    how to start a blog and create a website to earn money online - become a blogger

    In order to be able to transfer an existing domain to SiteGround you need to have an AuthInfo code (also called EPP) at hand, which is provided to you by your previous provider. 

    Once you have this code enter your SiteGround user area. Now go to the tab "Marketplace".....

    How to transfer a domain to siteground - siteground review (1)

    .... bottom left click on "Domain Transfer"...

    How to transfer a domain to siteground - siteground reviews 2 (1)

    .... enter the name of the domain you want to transfer, and on the following page fill in the fields with the information required for the transfer (EPP code, your personal data).

    How to transfer a domain to siteground - siteground reviews 3 (1)

    This operation has a fixed cost of 12.95 euros and the price also includes the automatic renewal of the domain for one year.

    Provide the transfer code, pay the due amount and then wait for an email to arrive asking you to confirm the transfer process.

    Now click on the confirmation link in the email and wait for the transfer notification that you will receive within a few days from the transfer request.

    How to install WordPress on SiteGround

    To install WordPress on SiteGround proceed as follows:

    1. Log in to SiteGround hosting

    Go to the official SiteGround website and click on the "Sign In" button in the top right corner. Enter your credentials.

    How to install WordPress on siteground - siteground review (1)

    2. Click on "Websites" and then "Site Tools".

    After logging in, go to "Websites" and then click on "Site Tools." From this section you can perform numerous tasks, including installing WordPress.

    How to install WordPress on siteground - review siteground opinions

    3. Install WordPress

    Among the various items you will find in the "Site Tools" section, there is also the "WordPress" item. Click on this section and then select the "Install and Manage" option. In the screen that appears, select the item where there is only WordPress, as highlighted below.

    How to install WordPress on siteground - siteground reviews 3 (1)

    4. Configure basic options about your site

    At this point you will be asked for some information that will allow you to properly install and configure WordPress. 

    From the list in front of you choose the domain on which you want to install WordPress, while in the area "Installation Path" I suggest you do not change/select anything, so your site will be entirely created with WordPress. 

    Also leave the "Install with WordPress Starter (optional)" box unchecked and choose Italian as the language.

    How to install Wordpress on siteground review siteground opinions 4 1

    Remember also to enter a password, a username, and also the email you usually use. Save the data you just entered and proceed with the installation. 

    5. Start customizing your site

    Now that you have WordPress installed you can start customizing your site.

    Remember that it's not yet indexed by search engines so you can't search it on Google to see what it looks like, but by writing the address on the search bar you can still see what the site looks like and start customizing it.

    To do the latter, simply add /wp-admin after your site's address.


    Alternatively, from the WordPress section of Siteground's Site Tools, go to "Install and Manage" and you'll see that there's a button that gives you access to your bulletin board.

    How to install Wordpress on siteground review siteground opinions 5 1

    Remember that here you will be asked for the credentials that you created earlier during the installation phase.

    How to install Wordpress on siteground review siteground opinions 6 1

    How to install an SSL certificate on Siteground

    What you need to do to install a free SSL certificate on Siteground is to log into your account, select the "Websites" tab at the top and then click "Site tools".

    How to install wordpress on siteground sitetools tutorial techniques and methods to earn with a blog and become a blogger 1

    On the left-hand side of the page that opens, click on "Security" and then on "SSL Management". 

    How to install an SSL certificate on siteground tutorial (1)

    On the side, you will get a screen and here you have to select the domain to install the SSL certificate on, select let's encrypt and then click get.

    How to install an SSL certificate on siteground Italian tutorial 2 (1)

    It will take about 1 minute to install the SSL certificate correctly.

    Now, click again on the "Security" item and then on "Forcing HTTPS". 

    On the side, you will get a screen like in the picture below and here you have to enable the option shown, that is HTTPS forcing, in this way your site will be secure and will have an SSL certificate installed.

    How to install free SSL on siteground - siteground site tools tutorial - become a blogger and earn money with a blog (1)

    How to create and configure an email on SiteGround

    Che cos’è la lead generation - Email Siteground Opinioni -

    As I have mentioned in the previous paragraphs, with every SiteGround hosting plan you can have an unlimited number of free accounts for your domain. To create one and configure it follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your Siteground account > click on "Websites" and choose the website for which you want to create an email address.
    2. Now click on "Site tools" > Email> Account.
    3. To create the email account, enter the new email address before the "@" and then create a secure password. 
    4. After you have done this click on "Create" and in a few seconds you will have your new email account.

    Instead, if you want to configure an email address just go to the menu "Actions" and select "Email configuration". 

    Then a pop-up will come up where you can select the email address you want to configure. 

    Now click on "Create" and then follow the instructions.

    If you choose to do the configuration manually, the system will show you what server configuration data you need to use to configure the email yourself.

    How to create a subdomain on SiteGround

    benefits of seo

    A subdomain is nothing more than a domain that resides within a larger domain.

    There is a hierarchy of domains and the subdomain is a third-level domain that is generally used to create specific sections in a site.

    For example, you can create blogs, forums, a contact page and for information, etc.. 

    Generally, subdomains allow you to better organize the content on a site, so knowing how to create them can be useful whether you have a personal blog, an e-commerce or any other kind of site.

    To create a subdomain on SiteGround follow the steps below, but keep in mind that this option is reserved for customers who have a GrowBig or GoGeek plan.

    1. Log in to your Siteground account.
    2. Click on "Websites", choose the site for which you want to create a subdomain and click on "Site tools".
    3. Go to "Domains" and from there click on "Subdomains".
    4. In the screen that comes up enter the name of the subdomain.
    5. Click on "Create".
    how to create a subdomain with siteground (1)

    If you prefer, on the new subdomain you can also install WordPress and to do this you'll have to follow the same procedure as for the main domains, as I explained earlier.

    Pros and cons of SiteGround hosting

    How to find long tail keywords with semrush

    Surely if we are to analyze the pros and cons of Siteground WordPress hosting we find many advantages and few disadvantages.

    This provider is definitely on the cutting edge and expands its offerings with more and more innovative offers, which is why more and more users are opting for this hosting provider every day. 

    Anyway, let's see what the pros and cons of SiteGround are.

    Pro Hosting Siteground:

    1. Excellent value for money.
    2. Plans available for every need.
    3. Customer support also available in Italian, 24 hours a day.
    4. Servers are available on 4 continents - an aspect that improves the performance offered.
    5. Customizable additional services.
    6. Offers that can save you significantly on the price of various services.
    7. No limit to monthly visits.
    8. Free migration and performance plugins.
    9. High security always guaranteed.
    10. Ability to create unlimited email accounts with any plan.

    Siteground Cons Hosting:

    1. The assisted site migration is paid at around 24 euros.
    2. Renewal prices are definitely higher than the competition.
    3. Each plan has a maximum capacity for each database and this can be a problem for very large sites.

    SiteGround customer support and chat

    Semrush support - alternatives to semrush - how semrush works

    As specified above, SiteGround offers support to its customers 24 hours a day, every day. 

    In addition to providing phone support, this provider assists its customers also via email and chat. This is very important both in the initial phase when you have to choose between the various packages and during the migration of sites and domains or if you want to upgrade your plan. 

    For any problem there is always someone to answer and assistance is also available in Italian and Spanish.

    Consider that relying on the live chat support the probability that the problem exposed will be solved by the operator since the first assistance is 90%, while the waiting time hardly exceeds 15 minutes (normally 1-3 minutes). 

    In addition, customers who decide to purchase the GoGeek package have access to priority support, so they won't have to wait before receiving a response.

    Not only that, the assistance offered by SiteGround is also based on AI Bots that allow users to streamline practices even faster, while more complex issues are delegated to the expert team that is always available and ready to patiently assist even the least practical customers.

    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Siteground Blog Web Design SEO website creation blog e commerce Ayouni Housam content marketing 14

    There is virtually nothing more you could want from a web hosting provider. SiteGround offers the best service in the market for the price you are paying.

    Mainly the plans offered by SiteGround are 3:


    1. StartUp- 5,99 euro/month
    2. GrowBig- 9,99 euro/month
    3. GoGeek- €13.99/month.

    Siteground's servers are currently located:


    1. Frankfurt, Germany
    2. Sydney, Australia
    3. Singapore, Singapore
    4. Iowa, USA
    5. London, United Kingdom
    6. Eemshaven, Netherlands

    In addition, Siteground provides the Cloudflare CDN to all its customers. The latter expands their network to over 200 cities worldwide.

    SiteGround is an extremely reliable hosting provider and will surely amaze you. However, the best SiteGround alternatives are:

    1. Bluehost
    2. Hostinger
    3. Greengeeks

    Yes, Siteground offers a free domain for the first year.

    SiteGround hosting opinions

    web copywriting - siteground opinioni - Storytelling

    By analyzing the many solutions available from SiteGround and comparing this provider to others on the market I can say without a doubt that SiteGround offers very innovative hosting plans and services that can meet even the most complex needs.

    Always on the cutting edge and among the first to offer the most important innovations on the market, SiteGround is a provider that continues to grow in its industry and every day the team at this provider makes major updates to ensure top performance no matter what type of plan you choose.

    In fact, to ascertain the quality offered by SiteGround just do a quick online search and read the reviews left by the many customers who rely on this dynamic company every day.


    Siteground Reviews

    Taking a look at the existing providers, I can say that SiteGround is undoubtedly the best WordPress hosting with support in Italy, as the proposals of this company are designed in such a way as to meet any kind of need.

    In addition, excellent value for money is offered, and one of the strengths is definitely the support offered. 

    In fact, unlike many competitors, SiteGround tries to successfully satisfy any request and does so in different ways, meeting the needs of users from this point of view as well.

    In essence, what makes this provider so famous is the jurisdiction of the team, the performance of the highest level offered and the wide choice of services and functionalities available.

    And that's it! At this point in the guide, I'm more than confident that you now know your way around Siteground's platform, and it must have all been pretty damn easy for you (unlike my first time!).

    If you encounter any difficulty in following any of the steps in this guide, please feel free to contact me or write me a comment.

    Thank you again for your attention and for following me up to this point.

    See you anon!

    A hug.



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